ROAD MAP TO PEACE = FINANCIAL WAR! - Craig R. Smith, CEO Swiss America

How and Why to Prepare for Financial Terrorism

By Craig R. Smith, CEO Swiss America

Jun 13, 2003

"Gaza Missile Strike Kills Seven" -CNN

"Powell Sets Out to Save 'Road Map'" -FOX NEWS

President Bush's response: "I strongly urge all of you to fight off terror, to cut off money to organizations such as Hamas, to isolate those who hate so much that they're willing to kill to stop peace from going forward."

I agree that it is the government's responsibility to follow the money trail in an effort to stop terrorism, but, in my view, the 'Road Map to Peace' will never work, nor will any other political-based solution solve the Israel- Palestinian conflict. This battle is dates back 4,000 years and is driven by a hatred that is "everlasting" according to experts.

"Islamic Fundamentalism has one purpose: To replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order. Every American needs to understand the enormity of the threat we face and why," says author Hal Lindsey. I agree 100%.

MYTH #1 - Islam is a peaceful religion

This is perhaps true of 90% of non-fundamentalist Muslims, but it is the 10% of fundamentalists -- an estimated 130 million of the total 1.3 billion -- that pose a deadly threat to the world in 2003 and beyond.

Keep in mind that Islam is a religion that has a very bloody heritage, killing not only Jews, but also other Muslims, that do not accept the fundamentalist Islamic doctrine.

Muslim scholar, Abdul Houssain Zarin Koub, who heads up the department of history, religion and philosophy at University of Tehran confirms that Islam is not a religion of peace, "From the beginning, Islam spread through physical violence, bloodshed and war. Violence not only against fellow Muslims...the weaponry -- scimarars and sabers -- all through the art and symbolism of Islam, makes violence and war a central theme of Islam ...Mohammad both taught and practiced violence from the beginning."

"The main motivation driving the terror network is an anti-western hostility that seeks to roll back the West and install an extremist form of Islam as the dominant power in the world. What is at stake today is nothing less than the survival of our civilization."
-BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, Former Prime Minister of Israel

Mohammad himself stated, in his writings (The Hadith): "The Resurrection of the dead will not come until the Muslims will war with the Jews and the Muslims will kill them. The trees and rocks will say, 'O Muslim, here is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'"

WSJ quoted a fundamentalist Hamas leader back in 1992 saying, "The war is open until Israel ceases to exist and until the last Jew in the world is eliminated." Sounds to me like there will be no peace until there is a victor and a vanquished.

MYTH #2 - A political 'Roadmap to Peace' will eventually succeed.

"Unfortunately, Israel is repeating the same mistake it made 10 years ago in the Oslo peace process. It cannot depend upon the Palestinian Authority, or Mahmoud Abbas, or anyone else to fight the terrorists for them. Abbas will not crack down upon Hamas or Jihad. He has said so openly and publicly, so there is no need to speculate. Only the Israeli Army can defeat the terrorists. It must be allowed to do its work without being hampered by the politicians," says Rabbi Y. Lazaros from Framingham, Mass in response to a recent NY Post article. Again, I agree with the Rabbi.

Almost three years ago, I met with Prime Minister Barak and Ehud Olmert, the Mayor of Jerusalem. Having traveled to Israel numerous times, meeting with high level officials, I have first hand experience in understanding the economic dilemma and impact that terrorism has had upon the Israeli economy and tourism.

The following is a 10-year time line of major events in the Middle East. I am very concerned that the next round of terrorism, which has ravaged both the emotions and economy of Israel, could also hit America any day, yet most American investors are still whistling past the graveyard.

Sept. 13, 1993 - Oslo Declaration of Principles - Israel and PLO agree to mutual recognition, Yasser Arafat and PLO will be allowed to return to Gaza.

April, 1994 - Hamas carries out suicide bombings in Israeli towns of Afula and Hadera, killing 13, wounding 80.

Oct. 1998 - Wye River Plantation talks result in an agreement for Israeli redeployment and release of political prisoners and renewed Palestinian commitment to correct its violations of the Oslo accords.

July, 2000 - Israeli PM Barak, US President Clinton and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat meet at Camp David in a failed attempt to hammer out a final settlement.

Sept. 2000 - Palestinians initiated riots after Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount. Palestinians ravage Israel Temple Mount antiquities. Palestinians kill over 700 Israelis. Violence continues to escalate.

Nov. 2000 - a "Resolution for Peace" was hand-delivered to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak by Tommy Barnett, the leader of U.S.-based "Pastors Promoting Peace" on behalf of the Christian churches of America. (details below).

Sept. 11, 2001 - Terror attacks on World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon carried out by fanatic Islamic Al-Qaiada group headed by Osama Bin Laden. Initiates US war on terror. Israel and Palestinians agree to cease fire, but it is not implemented.

June 24, 2002 - Controversial speech by US President Bush calls for Israeli withdrawal and Palestinian state, but insists the Palestinian National Authority must first be reformed and current leaders replaced. Israel moves to reoccupy the entire West Bank, with the exception of Jericho.

April 29, 2003 - Abu Mazen elected & vows reform, but Arafat maneuvers to retain control. Violence continues. US released updated road map on April 30.

June 10-11, 2003 - Failed Israeli assassination attempt on Hamas leader Ahmed Rantissi (June 10) and Hamas suicide attack that kills 15 in Jerusalem (June 11) jeopardize the future of the road map.


The cycle of violence is accelerating and, as of 9-11-01, includes the United States as a major target. Yet the liberal-controlled media continues to vilify Israel and embrace the Palestinian position by giving credibility to Arafat.

It is almost surreal to hear Arafat, the father and sponsor of Palestinian terror and the man who started this Intifada, going on international television condemning the very thing that he has created. These public statements, no matter how nice they may sound and all the agreements; Camp David, Oslo One, Oslo Two or the Road Map, will not stop the current violence and murder that we are suffering I'm sorry to say.

This conflict is, at it's root, a spiritual battle for domination of the planet. Mere political solutions are not enough. The Islamic world view is one of domination -- not just of Israel, but of all so-called "infidels," including Americans.

Here is my point: We should expect fundamentalist Islamic terrorist to begin using the same strategy in America as they are in the Middle East against Israel to achieve their ultimate goal of global dominion: To bring America to it's knees financially. Clearly, the WTC attack on 9-11 was Islam's first major attempt at economic terrorism. I doubt it will be the last!


The FBI defines 'terrorism' as, "the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."

Because of the random nature of terrorism, there is very little that the average citizen can do to protect themselves, short of following basic preparedness principles -- "Make a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed" (see ).

BUT, you can take advance steps to protect your money.

The key is to hedge your portfolio with at least 10-15% tangible assets, like U.S. gold and silver coins which outperform virtually all other asset classes during times of crisis and/or terrorism.

Keep in mind that 40% of the U.S. bonds are held by Middle Eastern investors. Also, let us not forget that the U.S. dollar is still on the outs internationally and a new gold-backed "Dinar" currency is in the works which could become a dollar replacement for Middle East transactions. (see Dinar story links)

The new bull market on Wall Street may, or may not morph into a "Summer rally" in the face of the many new threats our nation is facing today. Regardless of whether this is a bear market rally OR the beginning of a new bull market, as the majority of pundits in the media assure us, my strategy of tangible asset diversification works perfectly either way.

Yes, there is a quiet bull market going on in the gold and coin markets as we speak, but don't expect Wall Street to give you a head's up because they are too busy spinning the next bubble in stocks. My best advice is to take some of your money off the table and sock in away into gold...then you can play the odds on Wall Street with a firm foundation...just in case. -CRS

P.S. Below is a copy of the RESOLUTION FOR PEACE, which we presented to Israeli leaders in November 2000. Remember, "Changed hearts change society," -GW BUSH


The "Resolution For Peace" signed by dozens of U.S. church leaders, focused on "a proclamation and prayer that the U.S. churches will stand by Israel during these trying times and that violence begets violence."

The "Resolution for Peace" declares, "It is our desire that the holy sites, which are so important and cherished by so many, continue to be maintained and respectfully protected. We pray that worshipers of all faiths will soon promote a spirit of true reconciliation, so that peace will reign in Israel … now and for all future generations."

Prime Minister Barak responded that he was grateful for the support represented in the "Resolution for Peace" and was very encouraged to know that American Christians will stand by Israel during this crisis.

According to Tommy Barnett, Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly of God in Arizona, "We came to demonstrate Christian love and that the power of prayer can change the situation. The Holy Land is vitally important to Christians as the root of our faith and millions are now praying for Israel daily."

The Delegation for Peace, which met and prayed for Israeli leaders, included U.S. businessmen, Edward Lubin and myself. Reflecting on the trip, I told the press, "Now is the time for spiritual leaders to engage in a serious dialogue with political leaders about how to end religious-based violence. Modern technology should be used to promote peace."

The delegation's mission will concluded in meetings with Israel's Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Security & Foreign Affairs Committee along with the President of Israel and the Minister of Tourism.


"We, the undersigned, representatives from the body of Christian churches in America, proclaim the following good news to all concerned. For thousands of years, the land of Israel has been a special place, beloved of God. In recent years, Israel has been a light to the whole world, embracing peoples of all faiths and religions, and generously sharing its historic, cultural and rich religious heritage with the world.

Recent events in the Holy Land have caused people around the world to mourn. Yet, we believe that joy can, and will, return soon. It is our prayerful desire that a just peace be established in Israel. We believe that violence begets violence, tragedy creates more tragedy, and that war is not the answer. It is time to put aside differences and truly focus on what is best for the future generations of children. Just as a rainbow of cultures live together peacefully across America, and by their diversity make our country a more colorful, more beautiful nation; so too, it is time for all those who dwell in Israel to live together in peace.

It is our desire that the holy sites, which are so important and cherished by so many, continue to be maintained and respectfully protected so that all may freely visit and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We sincerely hope that Christian worshippers will have continued access to the land where, over two thousand years ago, events unfolded that are the very root of our faith.

This is our proclamation and prayer… that we will stand by Israel during these trying times. We pray that worshippers of all faiths will soon see a willingness from all involved to converse, understand, and promote a spirit of true reconciliation, so that peace will reign in Israel…now and for all future generations.


Rev. Tommy Barnett-Phoenix First Assembly/ L.A. Dream Center, Phoenix/L.A.
Pat Boone-Entertainer, Beverly Hills, CA
Bishop W. Wellington Boone-Fellowship of International Churches, Atlanta, GA
Mr. Michael Cardone, Jr.-Cardone Industries, Philadelphia, PA
Dr. David Yonggi Cho-Full Gospel Central Church, Seoul, KOREA
Dr. Glen Cole, Nevada Assemblies of God of Northern California/Nevada
Dr. Jerry Falwell-Thomas Road Baptist, Lynchburg, VA
Pastor J. Don George-Calvary Temple, Irving, Texas
Rev. Steve Harris-Arizona Assemblies of God, Phoenix, AZ
Pastor Brian Houston-Hills Christian Life Center, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Pastor Roberts Liardon-Liardon Ministries, Irvine, CA
Chancellor Oral Roberts-Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK
Rev. James Robinson-Life Today Ministries, Dallas, TX
Rev. David Roever-Roever Ministries, Fort Worth, TX
Mr. Stephen Strang-Strang Communications, Lake Mary, FL
Peter Sumrall-LeSea Broadcasting, South Bend, IN
Rev. Stephen Sumrall -- LeSea Broadcasting, South Bend, IN
Pastor Casey Treat - Christian Faith Center, Seattle, WA
Bishop Jack Wallace-Detroit World Outreach, Detroit, MI
Rev. David Wilkerson-Times Square Church, New York, NY
Rev. Bill Wilson-Metro Ministries, New York, NY
Pastor Brian Zahnd-World of Life Church, St. Joseph, MO

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