By Pat Boone

Jan 1, 2004

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (IFNews) -- Stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, or gold? Which do you think offers the most potential to investors in the next few years?

Well, according to Swiss America, the answer is... ALL OF THE ABOVE!..IF you have a truly diversified portfolio that includes U.S. gold coins.

Yes, I'm a proud gold owner of many years thanks to Swiss America. They're helping America to rediscover gold in the 21st century.

After years of losing money in the the stock market, millions of investors are now sitting on the sidelines... waiting for clear direction. Swiss America taught me an investment strategy that works -- whether stocks go up OR down! I call it my "NO-MATTER- WHAT-HAPPENS Strategy" because it's based on tangible assets, like U.S. gold coins, which are not driven by Wall Street shenanigans, but rather, by the simple law of supply and demand.

Gold is the only asset that never becomes a liability! Unlike stocks, bonds, or even cash, gold is a physical asset with a history of safety, privacy and profit potential.

You see, most investors I've talked with, have never really taken a good look at gold or rare coin investing ...until NOW! I guess it's because gold coins provide a safe haven during troubled times - as well as complete privacy and annual returns between 5% to 50%.

P.S. Be sure to request a FREE 2004 "Gold Rush" Kit from Swiss America today! [TV response please include station and city].

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