May 10, 2004

PHOENIX, AZ (IFP News) -- Swiss America Trading Corp. today released a new CD with a historic radio interview between G. Gordon Liddy and Craig R. Smith in an ad campaign launched nationally in May on The G. Gordon Liddy Radio Show, airing M-F 10am-2pm ET.

"The Timeless Truth About Gold, recorded in 1996, covers a broad range of topics related to gold, silver and free market economics which are helpful in gaining the big picture," according to David Bradshaw, CD producer and publisher of Smith's latest book, Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century: The Complete Guide to the Next Gold Rush (7/01).

According to G. Gordon Liddy, "Truth is timeless, but truth is also very timely. For example, years ago, an investment advisor named Craig Smith was interviewed by me, and he claimed that gold alone is an incorruptable asset and that the U.S. dollar was destined to fall. Since then, the dollar has fallen and gold has risen! So, to celebrate this new, worldwide gold rush, SWISS AMERICA is making this classic gold interview available on CD - absolutely free!"

G. Gordon Liddy's Radio Offer; "If you have assets to protect, you must hear THE TIMELESS TRUTH ABOUT GOLD CD. Simply call SWISS AMERICA, at 800-289-2646. As a bonus, they'll also include their new 32-page report, "GOLD; THE COLOR OF HOPE, a $25 value, ALSO free."


P.S. Not sure? Read the transcript (or listen) to the first track from the CD.



G. GORDON LIDDY: Ladies and gentleman, you probably are aware that, amongst the commercial messages that air on the G. Gordon Liddy show is one for Swiss America, and it is for gold. I wanted to meet Craig Smith, who is the president, not surprisingly because he is a neighbor of mine I found out. We both have homes out in Scottsdale, AZ and I got into a conversation with him; because naturally in the business he is in he knows a lot about economics and he is interested in it, and anybody who is a regular listener to this show knows that I am. So what I did, is I taped this talk I had with Mr. Smith and I thought perhaps you might find it interesting, I certainly did.

First of all, Craig, thanks very much for allowing this interview and letting me tape it. What I wanted to discuss with you first of all is to let people know what gold actually is. Now, my view of what gold is, is one, historically, and by that I say, it goes back to "the memory of man runneth not to the contrary," you can find references to gold in the Bible, going back thousands and thousands of years. It is the one perfect metal in the sense that there is no such thing as gold oxide, gold doesn’t rust, it is thus called incorruptible, that’s why they use it inside the human body and I suspect this is why it has historically always in virtually every culture there is except certain ones in which they use large stones with holes in them, has been considered; one, a storage place for value, if you will, and a medium of exchange. I don’t care whether we are talking dollars or Deutsch Marks or Pound Sterling or Yen or anything of that sort. If you’re talking gold you’re talking a medium of exchange and a storage of value. Would you agree with that first of all?

CRAIG R. SMITH: Yes, I think your assessment of gold and its place in society is right on the button; it is incorruptible, it takes actual physical strength to get it out of the ground therefore making it scarce. And I think that’s why we in the United States of America clear back in the late 1700’s, Mr Liddy, elected to use gold as the basis for our money system in America. I know you and your son are both attorney’s by trade, so you’re well aware of the laws and especially US code; and Title 12 in that code Section 152 states that the terms ‘Lawful Money’ or "Lawful Money of the United States shall be construed to mean gold and silver coins of the United States..."

GGL: Yes, as a matter of fact, when I was a boy, you look at a dollar bill back in those days, for example and what it said on it was Silver Certificate ...

CRS: Right!

GGL: ... and other’s said Gold Certificate, and what that meant was that I could actually walk into the Treasury of the United States, where once I worked as a matter of fact, go to a window and they would give me that amount of money in gold in exchange of that piece of paper, because we had at one time money that was on what we would call 'the gold standard.' It was as a result of the Great Depression where we came off the gold standard, and as far as I am concerned, it has been kinda 'funny money' ever since. I don’t know whether you agree with that or not?

CRS: Precisely. I couldn’t put any better that you just did.


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