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Western Nations' Debt at 200-Year High

Governments Considering “Desperate Measures”

4.29.14 - A gigantic surprise tax is coming, warns a highly regarded financial author.

debt It could be sprung without warning on an unsuspecting America this year, either before or after the November elections, and could confiscate anywhere from 10 percent to more than 80 percent of a person's savings – depending on how much money you have.

“The signs that this could soon happen are all around us,” says Lowell Ponte, whose fifth book co-authored with monetary expert Craig R. Smith – titled “Don't Bank on It” – will be published this summer.

“Prominent economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) now advocate at least one round of massive surprise taxation on the wealthy,” writes Ponte in his April 29 column at Newsmax.com.

A huge “Savings Tax” was proposed last December in an IMF paper by influential Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff.

“And now such a giant tax on the world's wealthy is being advocated by the latest darling of the American Left, French neo-Marxist economist Thomas Piketty [pronounced PEEK-et-tee] in his new best-seller 'Capital in the 21st Century,'” says Ponte.

Think you are safe from such an international seizure of the savings of the wealthy? You probably are not, writes Ponte, because “Any American earning $37,000 a year is among the top one percent of income earners on this planet.”

“Ask not for whom such 'confiscatory tax' (Piketty's term) tolls,” says Ponte. “It tolls for thee.”

Western nations now face the highest debt in 200 years, and politicians are considering “desperate measures” to grab more money from a minority of wealthy people, says Ponte. Their proposed banking tax can only work if it takes people – and their bank accounts – by surprise, without any warning that would prompt them to withdraw their funds.

Ponte and Smith in their forthcoming book Don't Bank On It – part of which is available as a free White Paper – explores the 19 surprising risks to American bank accounts.

Their book concludes that today it is simply “irrational and foolish” to keep your life savings in a bank account that now pays little or no interest but is exposed to 19 huge risks, including the coming taxes on savings accounts of the wealthy.

To schedule interviews with Smith or Ponte, contact Bronwin Barilla at 800-950-2428 or email at bkbarilla@greatwithdrawal.com.


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30 - 50 Percent of Entire Year Goes to Taxes
“A new kind of slavery in pursuit of failed progressive ideology”
by Lowell Ponte, NewsMax.com

4.15.14 - How much tax are you paying? How much is government taking out of your life?

These are trick questions because, truth be told, nobody can answer them with certainty.

taxes The Tax Foundation calculates that “Tax Freedom Day,” the day you cease being a serf for Uncle Sam and begin working for yourself and your family, for the average American is April 21.

By this measure, just paying your taxes to federal, state, and local governments takes an average of 111 days — three days longer than last year, and more than 30 percent of your entire year.

This burden varies widely by state, the Tax Foundation calculates. In the lowest-taxed state, Louisiana, Tax Freedom Day arrived on March 30. In the highest-taxed states, Connecticut and New Jersey, taxpayers will labor until May 9, to pay what their politicians demand.

We pay in servitude for ever-larger government. As the Tax Foundation found, in 1900 Americans paid less than 6 percent of their income to the government, and the liberation of Tax Freedom Day for most was Jan. 22, just three weeks into the 52-week year.

The taxes we now see, however, are only a fraction of our total government bondage. The Tax Foundation estimates that if we include the delayed taxation of federal government borrowing, Tax Freedom Day slides to May 6.

When John F. Kennedy was president, more than 50 cents of every tax dollar went for national defense.

Today, more than 70 cents of every tax dollar go for “transfer payments,” taking money from the pockets of some to redistribute it into the pockets of others whom the politicians deem more worthy.

The group Americans for Tax Reform calculates the “Cost of Government Day,” taking into account the de facto taxation of mandates through which government simply commands companies and individuals to spend money on things the politicians want, such as the private health insurance policies under Obamacare.

When people are required to spend their own money on things mandated by government, their earnings are confiscated as surely as taxes would do.

In 2013, Cost of Government Day fell on July 13 for the average American, who worked more than half of the year just to pay for taxes plus government regulations.

After more than 100 years on the progressive road to serfdom, the average American now labors more than half his or her working life just to pay what the political ruling elite demands.

In effect, we have created a new kind of slavery in pursuit of failed progressive ideology.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of that vast wealth transfer program known as the war on poverty. Roughly $21 trillion has been transferred from the productive to the poor, who remain almost as large a fraction of society as before.

In January 2013, the Journal of Economic Growth featured a study by two economists calculating where we would be if the flood of liberal regulations begun in 1949 had never happened.

Their conclusion: The median household income in America would not be today’s $53,000. Without regulatory red tape and taxes choking growth, the median household income today would be $330,000.

America’s gross domestic product in 2011 would not have been $15.1 trillion. It would instead have been $53.9 trillion, more than 3.5 times larger, with full employment and vast prosperity for all.

Americans are paying a terrible price for what, in our latest book "The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends," Craig R. Smith and I called this progressive “donkey drag” on our economy and lives.

Even those who believe they pay no taxes are paying vast hidden taxes passed on in the higher prices of everything they buy.

It may be politically profitable to heap ever-higher taxes on the companies that make our products, and then use class warfare rhetoric and welfare to buy the votes of the ignorant and government-dependent.

“Government is the great illusion by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else,” wrote 19th century French philosopher Frederic Bastiat. “But government lives at the expense of all of us.”

To schedule interviews with Smith or Ponte, contact Bronwin Barilla at 800-950-2428 or email at bkbarilla@greatwithdrawal.com.

Market “Rigging” Accelerates “The Great Withdrawal”

Where Can Investors Turn If U.S. Stocks and Banks are Rigged?

dont bank on it 4.7.14 - TWO shocking financial news stories hit the wires last week; First, evidence indicates the U.S. stock market may be rigged - front-run by high-speed traders who push stock prices up in a millisecond to skim profits. Second, the world's 12 largest banks are being sued for rigging the foreign exchange markets over the last decade.

These revelations came as no surprise to those who've read, The Great Withdrawal by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte, which details how and why financial market and interest rate manipulation have accelerated because of politicians and central bankers.

However, for nearly one-half of Americans, news of stock market "rigging" is irrelevant because they've bailed out of stock investing all together over the past five years.

Regarding banking risks, “Once upon a time - in Norman Rockwell's 'hand-shake-confidence' America - it made good sense to put your money in a rewarding, low interest, near-zero risk bank account,” says Lowell Ponte, a former think-tank futurist.

“But today it no longer makes sense to keep all of your savings in a near-zero reward, high-risk bank account,” say authors Smith, a monetary expert frequently interviewed by Fox's Neil Cavuto and other major business journalists, and Ponte in their just-released 32-page White Paper titled Don't Bank On It!

Smith and Ponte clearly identify 19 major bank account risks on the rise today. For example: Did you know that your money deposited in most U.S. banks could be subject to withdrawal restrictions and even confiscation by existing Executive Orders and International Law? And those are just bank risks #1 and #2.

One-third of Americans ignore these risks because they have less than $1,000 in savings. Another one-third of our fellow citizens have less than $25,000 saved, with many assuming that our spendaholic politicians will bail them out.

Smith and Ponte see Progressive economic policies as the key reason most Americans today are living paycheck-to-paycheck, doing all they can just to survive in a world of stagnant wages and rising food, transportation, shelter, clothing and healthcare costs.

“Progressive politicians now feel their power slipping away as Americans are withdrawing from a century of hypnotic control. This is why a desperate Left is turning to naked force – 'financial repression,' rule by decree, 'regulution' [ideological revolution imposed via regulations], crony capitalism, seizures and wealth redistribution, and politicized government agencies including the IRS and NSA to keep their hold on government power,” write Smith and Ponte in The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends (11/13 Idea Factory Press).

“These power grabs will fail,” predicts Craig Smith, “because Progressives are obsessed with obsolete centralization and expansion of government power. Progressives are doomed, even if they cling to power, to rule a nation that their policies have put into an economic death spiral towards a new Dark Age.”

In Don't Bank On It! (distilled from their book by the same title, scheduled for publication early this summer) you'll discover key factors that put all American bank accounts at risk. Among these are:

1. Computer Hackers, some of whom have foreign government backing.
2. Identity thieves' access to accounts often surprisingly easy & unblockable.
3. The dawning age of cyber warfare in which banks will be prime targets.
4. The dawning age of cyber terrorism in which banks will be prime targets.
5. Politicians eager to take the wealth of both banks and depositors.
6. Legal changes that make government confiscation of bank accounts easy.
7. Banks that increasingly resist returning money to account holders.
8. The risk of banks suffering “flash crashes” and other such disruptions.
9. The risk of bank runs by depositors because of fractional-reserve banking.
10. “Financial Repression” practiced by the Federal Reserve.
11. Growing government regulation that makes banks afraid to lend, except to the government.
12. Artificially low interest rates benefiting government, but harming savers.
13. Growing government regulation used to redistribute bank assets.
14. Presidential bank regulation now beyond judicial or legislative restraint.
15. Banks rotting in a stagnant swamp of Federal Reserve excess liquidity.
16. Banks being turned into de facto utilities and ATMs for the government.
17. Politicalization of banks through government pressure.
18. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ability to only replace $1 for every $14 it now claims to insure with its "fractional-reserve" insurance.
19. International Monetary Fund considering a global tax on savers.

This important White Paper, available free upon request, suggests safer, more rewarding alternatives to keeping money in a bank account.

“Some aspect of the financial markets has always been rigged,” admitted CNBC analyst Ron Insana on April 4, 2014. In 1792, Insana notes, a former U.S. Treasury official caused a panic by his attempt to manipulate the market.

“What is new and frightening is the magnitude of risk caused by high-speed computer trading, the sheer size and global machinations of banks, and the nearly limitless power new laws and Executive Orders have put in the hands of politicians,” says Ponte, who long ago was part of the salon of Richard Ney, who in bestsellers such as The Wall Street Jungle and The Wall Street Gang warned of similar dangers.

“Today we are suffering a growing deficit of trust in what we used to believe was reliable – banks, fiduciary institutions, government leaders, and the value of the dollar itself,” says Ponte.

“We need to wake up and smell the new reality – that stocks and savings accounts have become high-risk, low-reward investments. We urgently need to move a portion of our life savings to havens that are safer and more rewarding.”

But with the U.S. stock market and U.S. banks now potentially rigged and highly risky for small investors and bank depositors, how can people secure their life savings and other investments? Smith and Ponte have discovered a strategy to make sure your financial future is secure - no matter how rigged the markets and banks may be.

To schedule interviews with Smith or Ponte, contact Bronwin Barilla at 800-950-2428 or email at bkbarilla@greatwithdrawal.com.





bank on it 3.17.14 - Tremors from the earthshaking Russian-U.S. Confrontation over Crimea are now revealing just how vulnerable our banking system and economy are to collapse....and how this far-away crisis has greatly increased the threat to ordinary savers in the United States and worldwide.

“While President Barack Obama was threatening to seize Russia's assets in the U.S., Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past few days apparently successfully withdrew $105.1 Billion in U.S. Treasury Notes that Russia had deposited with the U.S. Federal Reserve,” says monetary expert Craig R. Smith.

“This may be the biggest 'bank run' ever on America's Central bank, and it signals that many more bank runs are soon to come,” says Smith, who is frequently interviewed by Fox's Neil Cavuto and other prominent business journalists.

“Russia has taken these Treasury Notes – the bulk of its U.S. holdings – out of the country, and beyond President Obama's power to seize or freeze them as a bargaining chip with Russia,” says Smith, whose latest book is The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives' 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends.

“This is more than a tenth of a Trillion Dollars – at least three times more than had ever been withdrawn from the Fed in such a short time,” says Smith.

Russia thus far has not sold its Treasury Notes, which could send their value down sharply and cause a global shockwave undermining American credit. Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev has warned that Russia might do this.

Russian billionaires and companies such as the giant Russian state-controlled banks Sherbank and VTB, and giant energy group Lukoil, reportedly have also gotten many billions of their dollars out of the U.S. and other Western nations while President Obama was threatening to freeze Russian assets.

“In March 2013, exactly a year ago, this is what happened in the Mediterranean island nation Cyprus,” says Lowell Ponte, a think tank futurist who with Smith has co-authored four books as well as a major White Paper to be published this month titled Don't Bank On It!

“Cypriots awoke last March to discover their banks were locked and their ATM access was shut down. The government had confiscated, and was taking a hefty part of, their bank accounts,” says Ponte, an investigative reporter whose articles have appeared in the The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and many other publications.

“This was a shocking legal precedent called a 'bail in,' approved by the United States and many other Western nations. It assumes that when you open a bank account, that money becomes the bank's property and can be taxed or taken if the government wishes,” says Ponte. “A high European official reportedly said Cyprus would be the 'template' for future government bank confiscations.”

“President Putin now warns that any government expropriation or freezing of Russian assets will trigger seizure of American or other Western assets in Russia. And in Russia are factories by Ford and General Motors, 7 percent of the worldwide revenue of PepsiCo, Exxon Mobil Corp, large investments by CitiGroup and JPMorgan Chase and other companies, and much more,” says Ponte.

The author of the Russian legislation authorizing such confiscations is Andrei Klishas, who told the wire service RIA Novosti: “The recent events in Cyprus spring to mind, where the confiscation of assets was the main demand made by the European Union in return for economic aid.”

While Russia uses the Cyprus precedent to justify seizing bank and other assets, President Obama has gone farther to authorize his confiscation of Russian and other assets.

“President Obama on March 6 issued a new Executive Order that authorizes the President, with the approval only of his appointed 'Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State,' to engage in 'Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine,” says Ponte.

“This incredibly vague Executive Order gives sweeping new powers to the President, including new powers to seize your assets if you in public question Mr. Obama's policies in Ukrainian Crimea,” says Ponte.

This Executive Order could be used against many people, notes Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute: “[W]hat are 'direct or indirect...actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine?”

“Could that be someone writing an article that takes issue with the US policy that the Crimea referendum is illegal and illegitimate?”

“Could it be standing up in a public meeting and expressing the view that Ukraine would be better off with nationwide referenda to determine whether other regions should become autonomous or joined to neighboring countries?” asks McAdams.

“What if a Polish-American appears on a radio or television program suggesting that parts of Poland incorporated into Ukraine after WWII should be returned to Polish authority?”

“Probably the president will not seize the assets of Americans in the scenarios above,” writes McAdams. “But he says he can.... Careful what you say.”

Russia is now invoking Cyprus to justify its right to confiscate property. The irony is that the wealthiest Russian Oligarchs got their fortunes out of Cyprus' tiny banks, branches of which remained open in London and Moscow while those on Cyprus itself were closed. Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte document this in their latest book The Great Withdrawal [pp. 166-167].

“And now Russians have gotten the bulk of their wealth out of the United States just ahead of threatened asset freezes, confiscations and sanctions,” says Ponte.

“U.S. corporations such as Apple, Microsoft and IBM also keep altogether at least $1.95 Trillion abroad to avoid U.S. Government confiscation via the heaviest business taxes of all major nations.”

“And The New York Times in February reported that Russians are returning to Cyprus, 'a favorite tax haven,' just as its financial controls are supposedly about to be lifted,” says Ponte.

“Your bank now pays you almost zero interest. You lose value in your savings every day. And with the precedents of the Cyprus bank confiscations, the vast money-grabbing power of President Obama's latest Executive Order and other plans to take control of your bank account, and world-shaking events that threaten the value of the U.S. Dollar, it's time to find a lower risk, higher reward way to protect your life savings nest egg and investments,” says Ponte.

To schedule an interview Craig R. Smith or Lowell Ponte, contact Bronwin Barilla at (800) 950-2428 or email bkbarilla@greatwithdrawal.com


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World's safest asset could also save U.S. Middle Class says bestselling author

2.18.14 – In 2013, gold prices had their first down year in over a decade, but the 21st Century Gold Rush is back ON in 2014, writes bestselling author, CEO and media commentator Wayne Allyn Root, in his new Coined Freedom Special Report.

Today food prices are flying upward. The California drought could make it much worse. Electric rates are at all time highs. Gasoline prices have doubled under Obama. The cost of a college education is through roof. A father of four faces over $1,000,000 tuition bill!

According to Root, “Owning gold over the long-term is the best way to beat the rising cost of living.”

coined freedom Silver prices jumped 4 percent last Friday. Gold prices have soared over 5 percent in the last two weeks and nearly 10 percent this year on a falling dollar and strong physical demand. “But that's just the visible tip of an economic iceberg of reality that lies beneath the surface,” says Wayne.

In Coined Freedom, Root points out five major reasons 2014 will mark the next phase of the gold bull market; 1) Simple Dollar vs. Gold Math, 2) A Stock Market Bubble, 3) Bad Federal Reserve Policy, 4) Laws of Supply & Demand, and 5) The Investment World is Rediscovering Gold.

“No matter what period of time you examine, gold has always offered protection from a declining dollar, runaway debt, inflation, stagflation, etc. Over the last 100 years gold has maintained purchasing power and far outpaced the rising cost of living,” writes Wayne.

For example, in Wayne's bestselling 2013 book, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide he helps readers simply understand why gold is “timeless” real money and paper money is a bad I.O.U ...

"Over the past 100 years, since 1913 when Fed was founded, if you kept your money in the dollars:
$1,000,000 cash today would be worth only $20,000 (98% decline compared to gold). But if you had kept it in gold - $1,000,000 today would be worth $62 million (6250% rise). If you kept your money in dollars since the year 2000 - today $1,000,000 is worth $663,000, versus $4,500,000 if you had converted paper dollars into physical gold.”

Wayne describes himself as a “CEO who understands math.” Using the example above, he points to the big difference between $20,000 and $62 million. “It could make all the difference between fabulous wealth and miserable poverty.”

Once you understand the MATH – GOLD is your ONLY choice!” says Root, a frequent guest on Fox News and regular contributor to The Blaze.

Coinciding with the brightening outlook for gold, the US stock market began 2014 on a very sour note.

“The problem is that none of the euphoria in the equity markets is supported by economic fundamentals, but rather by monetary 'goosing' by the Federal Reserve in the form of negative real interest rates and its Quantitative Easing bond-buying program,” says Wayne in Coined Freedom.

Experts are closely tracking the Dow's eery chart similarity between today and the days leading up to the 1928-29 crash. Key players like; George Soros,Warren Buffet, John Paulson and Jim Rogers are all headed for the exits in 2014. Some warn of a “Freddie Krugger-like nightmare.”

Meanwhile, “The investment world is rediscovering gold,” says Root.

A wide variety of financial “gurus” such as; Dennis Gartman, Steven Kaplan, Peter Schiff and many others agree with Root's bullishness - expecting gold prices to reach new highs in 2014 and beyond - including a possible “moonshot” based on economic wild cards such as; a U.S. bank run, cyber-terrorism, nuclear Iran – any of which could send gold prices rocketing overnight.

“If you value your personal and financial privacy, sovereignty, freedom, liberty and that of the next generation, you are going to have to become proactive to restore and maintain it,” concludes Root. “Now is the time to put yourself and family on 'a Personal Gold Standard' - to provide wealth insurance and peace of mind. Coined Freedom explains how to do it.”

Wayne is offering his new Coined Freedom Special Report and Timeless Truth About Money DVD FREE to the public. To book a media interview with Wayne Allyn Root contact Sandy Frazier at 516-735-5468.



1.7.14 - “Today our nation faces a Crisis of Confidence,” says Wayne Allyn Root, author of the #1 national bestselling book “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.”

“Polls show that 85% of Americans don't trust Congress, 53% don't trust the president, and, amazingly, 66% do not even trust their fellow Americans,” says Root in a new free DVD, “The Timeless Truth About Money: A Fireside Chat with Wayne Allyn Root.”

timeless truth “This rising tide of debt and distrust has economic consequences,” says Root, a former CNBC host and anchorman.

Root in his new DVD identifies seven “realities” that could ignite major economic problems in 2014:

1. “Politicians have pushed our national debt over $17 Trillion, and burdened our future with more than $200 Trillion in long-term debt. This puts America's credit at risk. Higher taxes cannot fix this because our politicians spend every penny they take in – and more.”

2. “Every U.S. taxpayer, young or old, now carries a $1.1 Million liability for America's huge debt, mostly because of Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. More Baby Boomers than ever are starting to retire. And almost every single American signing up for Obamacare is poor and therefore joining Medicaid ranks. Who will pay this ever-growing bill?”

3. “Only 101,716,000 Americans have full-time jobs, but 108,592,000 are receiving government benefits. Government spends more on these programs than public education and national defense combined. This is one third of America. The longer they stay unemployed, the harder it will be to ever re-enter the workforce. How will we pay the bills for this chronic and perhaps permanently unemployed underclass of Americans? And at what point will this group realize their fate isn't going to change, leading to unrest, rioting and anarchy in the streets of America?”

4. “Over 100 million working-age Americans are not working, the highest number in history! The jobs recovery is an illusion created by government not counting those who quit looking for work, who gave up a paycheck for a welfare check.”

5. “The typical American family today earns less than they did back in 1989! In 1989, the median American household made $51,681 in current dollars. In 2012, the number was $51,017. This is more than a lost decade of economic gains for Americans. It's a lost generation! How tragic!”

6. “The Federal Reserve will not revive the economy in 2014, or ever! Do not be fooled by the Federal Reserve's 'little' taper in stimulus spending. They are still manipulating the price of money and interest rates. After 100 years of tinkering with the free marketplace, the Fed has successfully debased the Dollar by 98%. Do you really believe a proven 100-year-old track record will change now? As my blue collar butcher father used to say, “Watch what they do, not what they say!”

7. “Millions more are losing their health insurance than are joining Obamacare! The next round of cancellations and premium hikes will in 2014 hit tens of millions employed by small businesses and perhaps 50 million or more from the ranks of corporate America. Will you be next? Your children? Are you ready to pay the mortgage for your unemployed children? And what about quality of care if you're sick? Obamacare aims to add 30 million new patients, with no new doctors. Your quality of care is about to fall off a cliff … with much higher bills to boot!”

8. I predicted the bankruptcy of Detroit long before it happened. Detroit was merely "a canary in the coal mine." In 2014 the snowball will turn into an avalanche. Many cities and counties across USA will admit bankruptcy is now a serious possibility.

9. Everyone has forgotten about Europe. It's a powder keg and only getting worse. Their central bankers have papered over the problems with more spending and debt. But I predict in 2014 the crisis will explode back onto the front pages- worse than ever. Disaster and default looms for many EU countries. As our #1 trading partner, this will add fuel to the fire of America's financial crisis. In 2014 we will learn there never was a "recovery." What we experienced was a short term minor uptick in the middle of a long-term Obama Great Depression.

10. And the bad news gets worse. Japan's economic situation makes Europe look like a walk in the park. Japan's economy will finally be overcome by twin disasters - debt and the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Root's new free DVD “The Timeless Truth About Money” also explains why the U.S. Dollar no longer qualifies as real money and other surprising facts.

He also explores ways that Americans can protect themselves against the 2014 crisis.

To schedule an interview with Wayne Allen Root, contact Sandy Frazier at: 516.735.5468

For a media copy of his new DVD, contact Idea Factory Films – 602.918.3296

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