March News and Trends Archives

John Williams - Consumers Crushed & Economy Collapsed - King World News--3.31.12

Three Major Banks Prepare for Possible Credit Downgrades - CNBC--3.30.12

Supreme Court will use Obama’s own words against his individual mandate- American Vision News--3.30.12

Fed Is Buying 61 Percent of U.S. Government Debt - The New American--3.29.12

The Dangers of an Interventionist Fed - Wall Street Journal--3.28.12

Americans angry with Obama over gas prices- Reuters--3.27.12

Insurers vulnerable if ObamaCare is struck down - Market Watch--3.26.12

BRICS Move To Replace Dollar With “Super-Sovereign” Global Currency- Activist Post--3.27.12

Justices signal possible trouble for health insurance mandate - LA Times--3.27.12

Trump Warns ‘Massive Inflation’ Coming, Prepare - Money News--3.5.12

What Bernanke gets wrong about the gold standard - Christian Science Monitor--3.23.12

Fed officials clash on view of economy - Reuters--3.22.12

The Dallas Fed Is Calling For The Immediate Breakup Of Large Banks- Business Insider--3.21.12

'The Road We've Traveled' With Obama - Wall Street Journal--3.21.12

Long-Term Bond Bubble Getting Ready to Burst: Ross - CNBC--3.21.12

US Response to the European Debt Crisis - C-Span--3.21.12

GOP budget plan cuts deeply into domestic programs, reshapes Medicare, Medicaid- Washington Post--3.20.12

National Debt has increased more under Obama than under Bush- CBS News--3.19.12

Sweden moving towards cashless economy - CBS News--3.18.12

An Open Letter to All Presidential Candidates - Gains, Pains and Capital--3.19.12

The Rising Price Of the Falling Dollar - Forbes--3.19.12

Debt in the U.S. will haunt us eventually - Pocono Record--3.18.12

Scarce Oil? U.S. Has 60 Times More Than Obama Claims -

Consumer Prices in U.S. Rose in February as Gasoline Jumped- Bloomberg--3.16.12

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Drops on Gasoline Prices: Economy- Bloomberg--3.16.12

CBO: Obama budget deepens debt by $3.5 trillion - Washington Times--3.16.12

Watch Bernanke’s ‘Little’ Inflation Capsize U.S.: Shlaes - Bloomberg--3.14.12

Exclusive: U.S., Britain set to agree emergency oil stocks release- Reuters--3.15.12

Money Laundering - Whiskey and Gun Powder--3.15.12

Paul Volcker: National Debt 'Strangles' Us - Huffington Post--3.15.12

<Am I a Goldman Sachs client or a muppet? - Market Watch--3.14.12

3 Ways the Federal Reserve Is Impacting Your Money - Yahoo! Finance--3.13.12

10 reasons Wall Street will hit bottom, crash - Market Watch--3.13.12

Spain Has ‘Worse Problems Than Greece’: Analyst - CNBC--3.13.12

Fed to Test 19 Banks’ Capital Against Recession Scenario - Bloomberg--3.12.12

China Slowdown Bolsters Case for Monetary Easing as Yuan Slides: Economy- Bloomberg--3.11.12

Economists say euro crisis may not be over - EurActiv--3.9.12

US Trade Deficit Expands To 3-Year High - NASDAQ--3.9.12

Fitch Downgrades Greece From C To Restricted Default - Full Text- Zero Hedge--3.9.12

Jim Rogers: Government Is Lying About Inflation - Money News--3.8.12

Goldman's Dubious Deals: Is This 'God's Work'? - Businessweek--3.7.12

Govt. sets record deficit in February - Washington Times--3.8.12

U.S. Unemployment Up in February - Gallup--3.8.12

Greece debt swap down to the wire - CNN Money--3.8.12

Jobless claims bounce off lows - CNN Money--3.8.12

Will home prices fall 20% more? - MSN Money--3.7.12

Fed report juices stocks, gold; QE3 back in play? - Market Watch--3.7.12

Dow suffers biggest one-day drop in 2012 - USA Today--3.6.12

Global growth, Greek concerns hit stocks - MSN Money--3.6.12

A.G. Schneiderman Releases New York's Top Ten Frauds of 2011- WKBW--3.5.12

The Sad Truth About Why Seniors Are Prime Victims For Fraud- Business Insider--3.5.12

Uncle Stan must pay Uncle Sam a whopping $10M fine - Investment News--3.2.12

Investment experts preach using common sense, doing research- Press of Atlantic City--3.2.12

Fed must keep applying stimulus vigorously: Williams- Reuters--3.2.12

‘Pre-retirees’ are prey for fraudsters, study finds - Globe and Mail Update--3.1.12

Social media or fraud - you decide - Thomson Reuters News & Insight--3.1.12

Investment Fraud Prevention: Understanding Your Brokerage Account- Wall Street Fraud Blog--3.1.12

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