March 2011 Gold Market News

Gold Heads for Longest Run of Quarterly Gains in 3 Decades on Libya, Debt – Bloomberg--3.31.11

Gold Prices Climb Ahead of Jobs Report – The Street --3.31.11


Utah: Forget dollars. How about gold? - CNN Money--3.30.11

Robin Griffiths - $8,000 Gold is Not Unreasonable – King World News --3.30.11

Stephenson: Silver Will Be Trade of the Decade – Money News--3.29.11

Gold hitting resistance around $1,440 but upward bias to remain – Mineweb --3.29.11

Gold imports skyrocket in Ahmedabad – Mineweb--3.28.11

Gold Fluctuates Amid Turmoil in Libya, Japan, Portugal; Silver Prices Gain – Bloomberg--3.25.11

The joy of gold and silver - stagflation protection – Mineweb--3.25.11

Coeur CEO sees $1,500/oz gold, mid-$40s/oz silver- Reuters--3.24.11

Gold Futures Surge to Record on Libya, Japan Turmoil- Bloomberg--3.24.11

Morning Note: Gold Replacing Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency?- CNBC--3.24.11

In India Post Office is selling gold coins like hotcakes- Mineweb--3.23.11

Silver Prices Surge as Gold Moves Higher- The Street--3.23.11

Gold at $5,000 in 3 to 4 years McEwen- Mineweb --3.23.11

Gold May Extend Record Gain on ‘Ocean’ of Central Bank Money, Phoenix Says - Bloomberg--3.23.11

Silver, gold rise as global uncertainty continues- Bloomberg Businessweek--3.22.11

Ron Paul sets congressional hearing on U.S. Mint gold, silver, pgm bullion programs- Mineweb--3.22.11

Newmont, Agnico see 2011 gold at $1,500-$1,600/oz- Reuters--3.22.11

Gold Prices Gain on Rising Uncertainty- The Street--3.21.11

Gold Prices still Strong Despite the Earthquake - Resource Investor--3.21.11

PRECIOUS-Gold gains from softer dollar, geopolitics- Reuters--3.21.11

Reuters Summit-African Barrick sees safe-haven gold at $1500/oz- Reuters--3.21.11

Black Swans, and global currency decline: for gold the only way is up- Mineweb--3.18.11

Gold Prices Pop on Global Uncertainty- The Street--3.18.11

Gold Advances on Investor Demand for Alternative to Gyrating Currencies- Bloomberg--3.18.11

Gold Price Rises as BOJ Floods Market- Gold Alert--3.17.11

Gold Advances for Second Day as Libya, Bahrain Turmoils Spurs Haven Demand- Bloomberg--3.17.11

Largest existing gold nugget sells at auction for $400,000- CNN--3.17.11

Gold Rises on Signs Drop Yesterday to One-Month Low Was Overdone-Bloomberg--3.16.11

Gold reclaims $1,400; other metals move higher- Market Watch--3.16.11

Gold Prices Rebound After Selloff - The Street--3.16.11

The Case for and Against Gold- Wall Street Journal--3.15.11

Stronger rupee helps gold- Mineweb--3.14.11

Utah Legislature sends strong gold standard message to Washington- Mineweb--3.14.11

Gold prices may hit record high as Japanese quake fuels risk aversion- The Financial Express--3.14.11

Gold Rises on Haven Demand After Japanese Earthquake, Tsunami- Bloomberg--3.14.11

Warning signs - could be bad for gold and silver short term but good long term- Mineweb--3.11.11

Gold Prices Rebound After Japan Quake- The Street--3.11.11

Shock and Awe in the Markets---Buy Gold & Silver- Examiner--3.11.11

Lawmakers back recognizing gold and silver as currency- Deseret News --3.10.11

8 Reasons Why Silver Is the Investment of the Decade-SHTF Plan--3.10.11

Gold, Silver Prices Rise on Demand for Haven, Inflation Hedge-Bloomberg--3.9.11

China adviser says Beijing should buy more gold- Reuters Africa--3.9.11

The Driver for Gold You’re Not Watching- Casey Research--3.9.11

James Turk - Forget $8,000, Gold Headed Much Higher- King World News--3.9.11

Utah House Passes Bill Recognizing Gold, Silver as Legal Tender- Fox News--3.8.11

Richard Russell - Gold to $6,000 as Media Ridicules- King World News--3.8.11

Gold not even close to being overvalued yet - Doug Casey- Mineweb--3.8.11

Silver Shocker-

Gold, Silver Prices Hold Gains as Oil Stabilizes-The Street--3.7.22

Gold sets another record high-CNN Money--3.7.11

METALS OUTLOOK: Gold, Silver Seen Strengthening Next Week - Kitco--3.4.11

Middle East unrest leaves world's markets in panic - Alaska Journal of Commerce--3.4.11

Gold Prices Settle Higher on Jobs Reading; Silver Hits 31-Year High-The Street --3.4.11

Gold Rises as Libya Unrest Boosts Haven Demand; Silver Tops $35- BusinessWeek--3.4.11

Utah House stamps gold, silver as legal tender- The Salt Lake Tribune --3.4.11

House votes to repeal '1099' tax-reporting requirement in health-care law- Washington Post--3.4.11

MASSIVE gold demand continues to break records in China- Mineweb--3.3.11

Investing in Gold: A Safety Blanket During Difficult Times- Planet Insane--3.3.11

Factbox: Gold milestones on the road to record highs- Reuters--3.3.11

US Mint Numismatic Gold Coin Prices Raised-Coin News--3.3.11

An Open Letter on Gold -- Opinion- The Street --3.3.11

Is gold poised for breakout?- Mineweb--3.2.11

Dollar decline, the place of gold and might the U.S. yet confiscate citizens' gold- Mineweb--3.2.11

Precious Metals are true currencies: Marc Faber- Commodity Online--3.2.11

Gold Bugs, Rejoice! The Yellow Metal Has Done It Again- Wall Street Journal Blogs--3.2.11

Gold Strategist Sees Gold at $2,200 in Five Years- PRLog--3.2.11

Gold Remains An Excellent Safe Haven Pick - iStock Analyst--3.2.11

Gold Buying by China Jumps as Investors Seek to Protect Wealth, UBS Says- Bloomberg--3.2.11

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