Six Secrets You've Never Been Told About Inflation
by Craig R. Smith
Chairman, Swiss America
March 1, 2011

High, or even hyper, inflation is rapidly approaching.

the Surging gasoline and food prices are starting to reflect the coming tidal wave of much higher real world cost-of-living increases in our future.

The International Monetary Fund's Commodity Food Price Index is up in the last six months by an annualized average of 45.84 percent! On February 24 the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture warned that "extreme food prices," as the Financial Times described them, will hit the U.S. this year and "stay" for years to come.

Real-world inflation is reflected in the CRB Commodity Index. Prices have already skyrocketed 85% since 2009.

Riots over exploding food prices toppled a government in Tunisia, triggering uprisings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations and threatening chaos, more government overthrows, a potential new regional war involving Israel and oil producers, and a surge of worldwide oil prices.

Brent crude oil days ago touched $119 per barrel, a jump of more than 35 percent in the last six months. If Saudi unrest erupts, some experts see $200 oil possible later this month!

Six Secrets you've never been told about inflation:

Most of us have been deceived into thinking that high inflation is the inadvertent by-product of misguided or unlucky government policies.

As my new White Paper will show you, inflation IS the government policy. The approaching tidal wave has been deliberately set in motion. This investigation will show you how and why.

Rising commodity prices are just the warning signs of hidden forces driving the fast-approaching inflation tsunami.

Beneath the surface, inflation is being used as a government tool for: 1) helping political friends and harming enemies, 2) advancing an ideology, 3) secret taxation, here and abroad, 4) social engineering, 5) wealth redistribution, and ultimately 6) absolute power.

My new investigation, "THE USES OF INFLATION: Monetary Policy and Governance in the 21st Century", explains why inflation is much more than higher prices, and what steps you and your family can take to survive, thrive and even prosper during the hard economic times in America's immediate future. the

After 30 years of helping people hedge against financial risk and inflation, I can feel the tremors of this oncoming economic tidal wave rumbling beneath my feet. It is far bigger than I have ever felt.

The coming devastation will put America's entire economy underwater and destroy the U.S. Dollar as we have known it, as the world's Reserve Currency.

For those who have not prepared, the economic devastation about to arrive will bring hardships that make the Great Depression look like a summer picnic.

Call a Swiss America representative or register here and I will make sure "THE USES OF INFLATION: Monetary Policy and Governance in the 21st Century" is emailed out to you right away.

Fasten your seat belt, dear reader. You are about to take an amazing journey through empowering information and horizon-expanding ideas. After reading this, you will never again see inflation or money the way you do now

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