Michael Savage Interviews Craig Smith
Recorded: March 24, 2005 (37:00 trt)

Craig, BEFORE we start -- I MUST say that over the last FOUR years of reviewing your Rediscovering Gold book, your Special Reports and now, your latest edition; "ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS for the 21st Century" that YOUR recommendations have been OUTSTANDING... and I know that my listeners feel the same way. Listeners FYI, this is our third annual private financial consultation, and frankly, I'm more interested than EVER in getting SOLID ANSWERS, SOLUTIONS if you will, to some really tough ECONOMIC questions from Craig Smith and Swiss America this year.

LAST year (in March of '04) we discussed your forecast for the economy, stocks, oil, the dollar and gold. The Dow was at about 10,500 … gold was at $400, gas hit a record of $1.77 nationally and oil was about $35 /barrel. Since then stocks are up SLIGHTLY, GAS is up $.25/gallon, OIL is over $50/barrel and GOLD has been above $440 … which was EXACTLY what you said to expect!

Your recommendation was to INCREASE DIVERSIFICATION of assets to include more TANGIBLE assets, like gold and silver coins. You also said to be prepared for "WILD CARDS" like terrorism, our growing debt and deficit issues (which ultimatly brings on INFLATION) but YOU SAID that through it all, gold and silver would shine brightly … and SO THEY HAVE! I see gold and silver are up over 10% and SOME rare coins are up 40%+! So, let's dig into the REAL financial stories BEHIND the headlines ...

1) March 5, 2005 marked the 5th anniversary of the stock market peak, yet the celebration was muted by the reality that many stocks are still down over 50% since 2000. In 2005, are you looking for Dow 11,000 soon, or, are we in for more market surprises in '05?

2) Craig, in your latest report you discuss "3-D ECONOMICS" which include DEBT, DEFICITS and the DOLLAR. Why should these three issues be so important to Americans? And what is the SOLUTION -- OR are we too fat and happy to change anything before it's too late?

3) Today, the nation's political leaders are embroiled in a battle over the future of SOCIAL SECURITY. Bush wants to start privatizing, the liberal left won't even consider it ... at least so far. I read that you think there's a plan to help BRING AMERICA BACK TOGETHER on this issue. Can you explain?

4) OK, let's now talk about the raging bull market in commodities. Your article: "New Bull Market in Stuff, Not Stocks" discusses that in 2000 we actually began a new "commodity-driven era" instead of a "stock-driven" era which COULD last a decade or more. Even the Wall Street Journal says that, "Investors Flock to Coins." Is it true? Is paper "OUT" and tangibles now "IN?" What trends do you see in the precious metal and coin markets in 2005?

5) Craig, in looking over your INVESTMENT SCORECARD for last year, and the last FIVE years, I think your advice deserves an solid gold "A"! I see the top performers are ALL tangible... real estate, precious metals, investment-grade coins and fine art. I once read that Greenspan said: "If you want to know where INTEREST RATES are going, WATCH GOLD!" So, we have a clue that interest rates are rising, which means THE COST OF LIVING WILL RISE TOO! My point is that it seems to me that owning gold and silver coins TODAY is almost a no-brainer. But tell me WHAT are some the reasons my listeners hesitate to take action? In other words, what are the downside risks of owning tangibles?

6) Any closing thoughts or final 2005 advice to my listeners before we go?

Please listeners take action today. Call Swiss America to get your FREE copy of "ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS in the 21st Century" and discuss with their knowledgeable brokers how to put yourself on a PERSONAL gold standard, so that no matter what happens in the years ahead, you and your family can be a part of the solution -- rather than the problem. As I see it, there are so many reasons today to diversify a portion of your money into gold and silver over the last 4 years that I've lost count. But remember: Financial protection, privacy and profit potential are what you can get from Swiss America. THANKS CRAIG, AS ALWAYS IT'S BEEN INFORMATIVE! ... and listeners, also remember that you heard it first on The Savage Nation.

Register today and receive A FREE CD of "ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY" ... also receive a copy of the companion "ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS" Real Money Perspectives.

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