Premiums 50% Below Historical Norm!

By Dr. Fred Goldstein
Sr. Broker, Swiss America
Feb. 15, 2012

Swiss America believes owning classic United States $20 Gold coins is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity.

gold Sovereign debt problems in the United States and Europe seem destined to worsen this year. The mainstream financial media may never report about the likely inflationary consequences of bailouts and "quantitative easing," nor are they likely ever to recommend tangible assets for financial protection.

At the moment the public interest and demand for Double Eagle U.S. $20 gold coins is low, so the price premiums above the intrinsic melt values (.9675 ounce of pure gold in each coin) are historically low. The historical ratio of price to bullion content for these collector coins has been 2:1, but today it is about 1.25:1.

In the January edition of his "Early Warning Report", Richard Maybury writes: "As they [Double Eagles] are inherently in very limited supply, I believe high-quality numismatics will become tulips, eventually rising a thousand percent or more in real terms, when (money) velocity goes into mid-second stage. In late stage, who knows -- 2000 percent? 3000?"

This offers a real buying opportunity today. Please call 1-800-289-2646 or e-mail a Swiss America broker to discuss the potential of these coins and how to use a "ratio strategy" to increase your gold holdings -- with no money out of pocket.

All inquiries will receive without charge our latest book, "The Inflation Deception," (while supplies last) as well as our 2012 "Real Money Perspectives" newsletter.

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