October Gold News Archive

Why do the Germans want their gold back? - Market Watch--10.31.12

Gold price to rally regardless of who is elected President - The Telegraph--10.31.12

US Presidential Election History Suggests This Is Good Time To Buy Gold- Hard Assets Investor--10.24.12

Average GDP Growth Less than Half of What Obama Predicted- Weekly Standard--10.26.12

Gold Supported By FOMC Statement, Soft Dollar, Improved Indian Demand - Forbes--10.25.12

Gold Seen Outperforming as Commodity Bull Run Stalls Near-Term - Business Week--10.25.12

Think Gold's Pricey Now? Wait Until It Hits $5000: Schiff - CNBC--10.25.12

Bank demand for gold to become increasingly dominant - Mineweb--10.24.12

China Grasps Value of Gold, Even if U.S. Doesn’t - The Gold Standard Now--10.24.12

Turkish gold trade booms to Iran, via Dubai- Reuters--10.23.12

HSBC forecasts gold rally to last into 2013 - Mineweb--10.22.12

Time To Buy Gold And Silver: November Shows Historical Strength - Seeking Alpha--10.21.12

Get Ready For the Gold Bull Run - Seeking Alpha--10.19.12

Gold Futures Rise on Investment Demand as Dollar Drops - BusinessWeek--10.17.12

Gold to reach $1,900/oz by year-end – HSBC - NASDAQ--10.17.12

Competition To Buy Physical Gold Is Fierce - King World News--10.16.12

What Will the Price of Gold Be in January 2014? - Activist Post--10.16.12

Gold Settles Higher as Inflation Rises, US Gold Coins Surge - Coin News--10.16.12

Much higher gold prices ahead but upwards path will not be smooth - Mineweb--10.16.12

Gold higher as U.S. consumer prices rise, dollar drops - Reuters--10.16.12

Let It Be Known That No Financial Crisis Was Ever Caused by Stable Money - Forbes--10.14.12

Gold And The Disappearing Yield, Death of Equities? - Market Oracle--10.15.12

A Formula for $12,000 Gold - Business Insider--10.12.12

Embry - This War In Gold & Shorts Getting Overrun - King World News--10.12.12

Gold’s primed for a breakout, but where to? - Market Watch--10.12.12

Gold Prices Climb on Weaker U.S. Dollar - The Street--10.11.12

Gold investment should double on persisting economic woes - Coutts - Mineweb--10.10.12

The Time For Silver Has Arrived! - James Carrillo--10.10.12

All Signs Point To Gold - Forbes--9.18.12

Gold is not a commodity but the strongest currency of all - Mineweb--10.8.12

Signs Of The Gold Standard Are Increasingly Emerging...Worldwide - Forbes--10.8.12

4 Reasons Gold May Break Through $1800 Next Week - Seeking Alpha--10.7.12

Iran Low on Options as Hyperinflation Concerns Spark Gold Dash - Bloomberg--10.7.12

Gold Can Save Us From Disaster - Forbes--10.3.12

Investors make swift grab for gold - Financial Times--10.5.12

QE3 could push gold up to $2,400/oz - The Telegraph--10.4.12

Gold Seen Gaining in New York on Central Bank Stimulus - Bloomberg--10.3.12

Gold is good money - that's why governments hate it - Mineweb--10.2.12

Signs Of The Gold Standard Emerging In China? - Forbes--10.1.12

Gold Jumps to 10-Month High on U.S. Stimulus Speculation - Business Week--10.1.12

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