Your Worst Mistake . . .
. . . failing to grasp “the meaning of life”
By M. Lynn Reddick, D.Min., Ph.D.
President, Open Church Ministries
President, Covenant Bible Institute

If you are like 99% of the people I know, you live from sunup to sundown, from day to day, from problem to problem. And in the rush of events, you miss the main point.

You get up, thrash around to prepare for the day, do your work, go through the proper motions, handle problems, have a few laughs, and get enough sleep to face the morrow.

But for all of that, your soul is no greater, your vision no sharper, and the indifferent world no more grateful.

It's not for lack of trying. I'm sure you do your best with what you know. The problem is likely this: You're unaware that life has a deeper meaning than you've ever been told. Far deeper.

Your biggest mistake? Living in a world that's much too small.

You Deserve More

You deserve to know why you're here.
You deserve to understand with crystal clarity exactly what you're supposed to be doing in order to fulfill your purpose and make a substantial mark on the world -- and the world to come. And yet very few people ever get to the place where they can see what they should be doing, much less how or why.

I have two doctoral degrees in theology and have been the pastor of two megachurches, yet till now I had not seen the full scope of what it means to be a human being . . . or how to live in two worlds at the same time.

But now we have a ground-breaking book that spells all this out in fascinating detail.

Suddenly, everything fits together

Prepare to enter a larger world and learn some exciting new truths. A closer look at the Bible and current events shows that:

-- You are more important than you ever dreamed. You were created for a far greater purpose than your teachers, your parents, or your pastors ever told you. (Well, they didn't know, either!)

-- Yes, the world is a mess, but it's not an insoluble mess. In fact, we are making tremendous and rapid strides to solve even our largest problems -- medical, military, ecological, etc. I can almost guarantee you have much to learn about the vast wave of exciting miracles and massive conversions sweeping the planet.

-- Although there is tremendous pain and suffering in life, we can now see the positive side of it much better. We can also see the world's evils diminishing daily as we learn how we ourselves can block them.

-- As you look at human history, it appears to be a chaotic mishmash of wars and struggles. As you look at the heavens, they appear to be a random array of galaxies, stars, and planets. But in The Meaning of Life you will begin to find their order and purpose.

-- The Bible has a number of troubling verses that few people understand. This book gives a fresh rethink of twenty of the most bothersome.

-- Heaven is much more solid and exciting than the fluffy-cloud images of cartoons. Hell is real and a terrible place, but it's not the ridiculous eternal torture chamber you see in medieval paintings.

-- The political scene, both here and abroad, looks like a hopeless deadlock. It's not. See what's going to happen.

-- If you're a faithful church-goer, chances are that you've learned the great truths of the Bible pretty well. But now you're going to discover a truly Christian lifestyle to go along with all these facts, one that's far more exciting and rewarding than you ever experienced. It's like church on steroids!

Get on board, and you'll find yourself sharing an adventure with greater power, a freedom you never knew existed, and solutions for even your worst long-term problems. Best of all, you'll find the strong presence of God.

Suddenly, everything is fitting together, and life is an expedition into a far larger country.

You may order The Meaning of Life: Learning to Destroy, Create, and Rule from Open Church Ministries, 304 Grady Street, P.O. Box 399, Portal, GA 30450, (888) OPEN-123 or, for $12.00 + $3.00 S&H in the U.S. Release Date: Feb. 8, 2006.

[ED. NOTE: I am reviewing this important new book now by James Rutz. Jim's latest book, "MegaShift" explains with amazing facts, figures and miraculous stories how empowered Christians are changing the world for the good in the 21st century -- A must read! Here is Jim's last posted story 7 Greatest Facts They Never Told You
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