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4.29.16 - Gold Rockets To 15-Month High!

Gold last traded at $1,293 an ounce. Silver at $17.85 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded lower Friday, the last trading day of the month, with health care and technology stocks leading declines. Meanwhile, precious metal prices rocketed to fresh highs on safe-haven buying and a weaker dollar.

Gold Rallies on Weak Dollar, Safe-Haven Demand - Wall Street Journal
"Gold prices rose to their highest level in 15-months Friday, boosted by a weaker U.S. dollar and heightened demand for safe-haven assets. Gold traded as high as $1,297.10 earlier in the session, its highest level since January 2015. Friday's move also marks the biggest one-day gain since March 17, when gold rose 2.9%....Some investors buy gold in times of economic or political uncertainty, as they believe the metal will hold its value better than other assets when markets get choppy."

SAleader Market volatility, stagnant growth, falling confidence and safe-haven buying have propelled gold prices up nearly 25% this year. Gold and silver are the best assets to own this year because uncertainty is now certain. But here's the BEST news: You have NOT missed the boat! According to Bill Bonner's latest report, "Gold is entering a 30-Year Bull Market" ... that's just getting starting. Bestselling author Jim Rickards is now calling for $10,000 an ounce gold prices. Get informed now, read our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition.

War, Death and Gold -Rickards/Forbes
"Currency Wars: Rickards stated that currency wars don't often happen, but when they do they can go on for a long time. There were two currency wars in the 20th century: 1921 to 1936 and 1967 to 1987. The third currency war began in 2010, and Rickards is afraid that it will last until 2025. He argues that currency wars are not only a monetary concern but also a national security concern, which could negatively impact the whole world. The Death of Money: Rickards further discussed gold and the war between gold and currencies. He stated that no currency can replace the US dollar to become the world's reserve currency. The greenback has held this position since the end of the Second World War and accounts for 60% of global reserves and 80% of global payments. The New Case for Gold: Rickards argues that gold will be an important part of the financial world in the future and that a lot of the problems in the world can be explained by gold. He is concerned about the possibility of another collapse of the global monetary system like what happened 3 times in 100 years - in 1914, 1939 and 1971 - all followed by a severe time of war, political instability and turmoil in the world....Rickards insists that hard times are coming and the financial system will collapse. And gold is the most prudent asset for investors."

Puerto Rico's Eve of Default -Bloomberg
"Puerto Rico's crisis is set to tip into a new phase this weekend when $422 million of payments are due and, as things stand, unlikely to be made in full - threatening the biggest default yet....Congress failed to come up with one by this weekend's deadline, when the island's Government Development Bank, which lends money to the local authorities that run schools and other services, is the potential defaulter. Some of its bonds trade at just 20 cents on the dollar, amid last-ditch talks to defer payments....Puerto Rico's desperate search for revenue has seen it raise sales taxes to 11.5%, the highest in the U.S....With their prospects darkening, many Puerto Ricans have concluded that it's time to jump ship for the mainland."

Obama's Grand Economic Legacy Claims -New York Times
"Two months ago, across an assembly-room table in a factory in Jacksonville, Fla., President Barack Obama was talking to me about the problem of political capital. His efforts to rebuild the U.S. economy from the 2008 financial crisis were being hit from left, right and center. And yet, by his own assessment, those efforts were vastly underappreciated. 'I actually compare our economic performance to how, historically, countries that have wrenching financial crises perform,' he said. 'By that measure, we probably managed this better than any large economy on Earth in modern history.' It was a notably grand claim, especially given the tenor in which presidential candidates of both parties had taken to criticizing the state of the American economy - 'Many are still barely getting by,' Hillary Clinton said, while Donald Trump said that 'we're a third-world nation.'.... Obama claims, 'We were moving so fast early on that we couldn't take victory laps...I mean, one day we're saving the banks; the next day we're saving the auto industry; the next day we're trying to see whether we can have some impact on the housing market.'"

According to authors Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte, here's the real economic legacy of the Obama administration, "Progressive policies and institutions have debased the U.S. Dollar, hamstrung our economy, and fundamentally transformed our once-free marketplace into companies and institutions addicted to and dependent on Progressive government favors and largesse."

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4.28.16 - As GDP slumps, Gold soars

Gold last traded at $1,266 an ounce. Silver at $17.56 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks fell sharply Thursday on weak economic growth data despite upbeat Facebook earnings. Meanwhile, precious metal prices surged 1-2% as the dollar tumbled against the Yen.

Gold is surging -Business Insider
"Gold headed towards its highest close in over a year on Thursday. The precious metal gained as much as 1.52%, or $18.90 an ounce, to as high as $1,265.45, the highest since last March. The big news in markets Thursday came out of Japan, where the central bank unexpectedly held fire on more stimulus and made no changes to its asset-purchasing program. This sparked a sell-off in global equities and US futures."

The 'trend is your friend' in 2016. Gold and silver are the best assets to own this year as economic growth stagnates and political uncertainty is virtually certain. As we cover in our 2016 Gold Report - Global Edition, "The global recession has also taken a toll on the American economy. Stagnant GDP readings, volatile money markets, feeble wage growth, slumping corporate profits and weak business investment all spell a failed recovery."

GDP U.S. Economy Stagnates, Weakest in Two Years -Bloomberg
"The U.S. economy expanded in the first quarter at the slowest pace in two years as American consumers reined in spending and companies tightened their belts in response to weak global financial conditions and a plunge in oil prices. Gross domestic product rose at a 0.5% annualized rate after a 1.4% fourth-quarter advance, Commerce Department data showed Thursday. The increase was less than the 0.7% median projection in a Bloomberg survey and marked the third straight disappointing start to a year."

The madness of negative interest rates -Washington Times
"Negative, zero or very low interest rates encourage people to buy much more expensive homes than they normally would, which is to their benefit until interest rates rise...This real estate bubble cannot be sustained, so at some point it is going to all come crashing down. Negative or low interest rates from central bank actions misallocate capital from its highest and most productive uses, resulting in lower economic growth and job creation. The present madness began with the mistaken belief that monetary policy could be used to solve problems caused by too much government spending, taxation and regulation. At some point, there will not be enough savers to continue to agree to accept negative rates on their savings (after inflation) to support all of the government spending, and the game will be over. And those responsible for the madness will blame others."

Learn more about how negative interest rates are helping fuel the government's assault on cash transactions in our free report, Secret War on Cash

Fed's calling in 'helicopter money' -Marketwatch
"Whenever 'Apple notes that there is a notable slowing down in growth, we have to stop and look into this,' Nour Al-Hammoury, chief market strategist at ADS, said in an email. He says Apple could be signalling we're 'at the end end of the business cycle.' DoubleLine Capital's boss, Jeff Gundlach expects some 'hawkish' language at the Fed meeting, he also expects the central bank will resort to 'helicopter money' eventually to get the economy charged up. Though some have warned that kind of move - an injection of money printed by the central bank directly into households and the private sector via tax cuts and public spending - could be costly for the eurozone, if it happens. He also thinks investors looking to buy stocks right now should veer away from Wall Street as non-U.S. stocks are down more right now. And he repeated that a Donald Trump GOP nomination - which looks more likely after Tuesday's primaries - will trigger a global growth scare."

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4.27.16 - Government Money-Grab Countdown

Gold last traded at $1,245 an ounce. Silver at $17.25 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded mixed Wednesday amid disappointing Apple earnings, after the Fed statement warned, "mixed economic backdrop and lingering concerns about low inflation and global developments" will result in "gradual rate increases" ahead. Meanwhile, precious metal prices inched higher on a weaker U.S. dollar.

A Gold Revaluation Could Transform Your Financial Status Overnight -Minyanville
"As we move through 2016, the Horsemen of the geopolitical, economic, and social apocalypse are on the march....In Europe, NIRP is causing large corporations to hoard cash and buy gold rather than keep a large bank balance....As the world's governments come face to face with the prospect of currency collapse, something's going to give. Confidence in (acceptance of) fiat money is literally all that holds things together....There will be a revaluation in the price of the most powerful, effective, and durable store of value humankind has ever utilized - gold. Talking heads and politicians like to say, 'but there wouldn't be enough gold for that!' Oh, yes there is... but only at the right price! Jim Rickards suggests, '$10,000 an ounce as a realistic gold revaluation price.'"

In our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition we explain how to shelter your wealth from a global banking or currency crisis and safeguard your savings from negative rates by diversifying your portfolio with physical gold and silver.

SilRep Capital Controls, Nationalization of Retirement Savings Ahead -International Man
"Think of the government as a thief trying to steal your wallet as you (understandably) try to run away. With capital controls, the thief is trying to block all the exits so you can’t reach safe ground....A government only uses capital controls when it’s desperate… when it can no longer borrow, inflate the currency, tax, or steal money in one of the 'normal' ways. In most cases, governments use capital controls in severe crises. Think financial and banking collapses, wars, or chronic economic problems. In other cases, they’re just a way to control people. It’s much more difficult to leave a country when you can’t take your money with you. Regardless of the initial catalyst, capital controls help a government trap money within its borders....It's no secret that retirement accounts are a juicy target for any desperate government. The most common way to nationalize these accounts is to convert their assets into so-called 'safer' government bonds. As with most government measures, this is sold as 'for your own good.' We are already hearing whispers from the U.S. government about helping to 'manage' retirement savings. This is code for converting retirement investments into U.S. treasuries."

A Cashless, Leveraged Economy Is the Endgame -Money Morning
"For a long time, I've been cautioning investors that destructive insanity like negative-interest-rate policies (NIRP) would have dire unintended consequences. Sure enough, by now more than 20 countries around the world have imposed NIRP in some form or another, and it's clear those warnings were right on the money....Ever since NIRP's proven to be a total failure at kick-starting economic growth, there have been ever louder noises about doing away with physical cash. The ultimate goal, if you have any doubt, is to eventually do away with physical cash altogether. That way, negative rates will act as an unavoidable tax for everyone with a bank account. All it takes is an automatic monthly debit on your balance to apply negative interest rates."

Former House speaker sentenced to 15 months in prison -Associated Press
"Dennis Hastert, the Republican who for eight years presided over the House and was second in the line of succession to the presidency, was sentenced Wednesday to more than a year in prison in the hush-money case....Hastert becomes one of the highest-ranking politicians in American history to be sentenced to prison. He pleaded guilty last fall to violating banking law as he sought to pay $3.5 million to someone referred to in court papers only as Individual A to keep the sex abuse secret."

Craig Smith comment: Do you still doubt the "War on Cash" is real? Then you need to read our book, Don't Bank On It. Any U.S. citizen, including prominent politicians, can be deemed a crook merely by withdrawing their own money out of the bank in a way the government deems unacceptable.

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4.26.16 - Banks Reach the Point of No Return - War on Cash Underway

Gold last traded at $1,243 an ounce. Silver at $17.11 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded mixed Tuesday on downbeat durable goods and consumer confidence data as central bank meetings commenced. Precious metal prices rose modestly as economic data weighed on the dollar.

Silver's Bull Market Has So Much More to Give -Bloomberg
"Silver’s bull run looks like it has legs. The metal with the best return this year of any in the Bloomberg Commodity Index is poised for more gains, investors, traders and market data suggest. 'Silver has the best-looking chart among all the commodities,' said Andy Pfaff, who as chief investment officer for commodities at MitonOptimal Group in Cape Town increased his allocation to the metal over the past two weeks. 'When silver moves, it really, really moves, and everyone wants to be on the right side of that trade.'....The metal is up more than 12% in the last two weeks after underperforming gold in the first quarter on concerns slow Chinese growth would curb demand in the biggest consumer of commodities. While both are precious metals, silver has more uses in manufacturing."

America's money system used to be "as sound as a (silver) dollar"! But today, a paper dollar is only worth 1/17th of a silver dollar. A new bull market in silver began over a decade ago, driving the price of silver from $4.50/oz. in 2003 to $17/oz. in 2016. Over the last six years circulated Morgan Silver Dollars - the most popular silver coins ever minted - have risen 28% in price while silver bullion is actually down 1%! Find out why we see excellent growth potential for Morgan Silver Dollars. Read more...

dollar War on Cash to Accelerate as Negative Interest Rates Come to the U.S. -International Man
"Negative rates could not exist in a free market. They can only exist in an 'Alice In Wonderland' economy created by central bankers....Producing more than you consume and saving the difference is the basis of prosperity. However, negative interest rates destroy the impetus to save....Of course, central bankers don’t want you to withdraw money from the bank. This is a big reason why they are trying to incrementally eliminate cash. If you can’t withdraw your money as cash, you have two choices: deal with negative interest rates... or spend your money. Ultimately, that’s what central economic planners want. They are using negative interest rates and the War on Cash to force you to spend and 'stimulate' the economy."

Have central banks (including the Fed) painted themselves into a corner? Are banks worldwide now at the point of no return? What's next? Watch our new Secret War on Cash 1:00 video

Goldman Sachs Entices $1 Savers with 1% Return -Wall Street Journal
"Goldman Sachs Group Inc., adviser to billionaires and the world’s largest companies, will now accept your couch-cushion money....The financial firm most synonymous with Wall Street started offering savings accounts and certificates of deposit this month from the website of its banking arm, GS Bank. The firm will accept new customers with as little to save as $1, though they will need $500 to open a certificate of deposit....Goldman Sachs’s sudden fondness of small accounts is mainly driven by recent bank regulations that look more kindly on retail deposits. With the move, the New York company isn’t offering full-service retail banking. For example, its savings accounts don’t come with checking features, ATMs or Goldman branches to accept cash. 'What these actions are showing you, is that the regulatory environment is very tough right now for a traditional investment bank,' said Brian Kleinhanzl, an analyst with Keefe, Bruyette & Woods."

Negative interest rates coupled with new banking regulations are now forcing big banks to take desperate measures to keep the cash deposits flowing in; such as buying equities and dropping minimum levels on deposits. This should be warning us our banking system is in trouble. Bank instability is bad for economy, but boosts gold prices. For details read our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition

State Capitalism: The Enemy of Free Markets -Telegraph
"If the Saudi government has its way, a 5% stake in Saudi Aramco, its state-owned oil company, is going to be floated, valuing the business at over $2 trillion....The Saudi proposal is another case of the unfortunate and confusing rise of state capitalism, a subset of corporatism. State capitalism is very different from real, tooth in claw free market capitalism: it involves public bodies that dress up as private sector actors but which, at the end of the day, maintain a core public sector mindset, or private firms that begin to rely and depend so much on the government for their success that they forget what real competition and markets look like. Other members of this 'third sector' hybrid include sovereign wealth funds, as well as a bevy of semi-private companies that are in fact controlled or heavily influenced by politicians. Increasingly, central banks also qualify: they are also becoming more active in capital markets, snapping up corporate bonds (and not just government IOUs) as part of quantitative easing and thus directly subsidising some businesses."

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4.25.16 - Gold Rally Has Mega Momentum

Gold last traded at $1,240 an ounce. Silver at $17.00 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stock prices fell Monday as investors stayed on the sidelines ahead of key central bank statements from the Fed and Japan later in the week. Meanwhile, gold prices rose on bargain hunting and a weaker U.S. dollar

Gilder Uncovers The Economy-Sapping Scandal Of Money -Forbes
"The very real scandal in The Scandal of Money is a dollar that floats without definition. George Gilder wisely reminds readers that 'Prehistoric man commanded all the material resources we have today.' The difference between the prehistoric economy and the one of the present is information....To Gilder money is 'the central information utility of the world economy. As a medium of exchange, store of value, and unit of account, money is the critical vessel of information about the conditions of markets around the globe in both time and space.'....The dollar is the most important price in the world, but its value today isn’t the same as it was yesterday, nor will it be the same tomorrow or many years from now. There lies the major problem; one that led to Gilder’s profound new book....Gilder thinks and writes on another level, and in doing so makes a brilliant case for a return to quality money....That he’s put his amazing mind behind good money promises to give the movement a better lift than most any economist could, and that may actually gift it with real results. When good money (gold) eventually reveals itself, George Gilder will have surely played a major role in its return."

If you've ever wondered why stock prices have risen while the economy keeps falling, then The Scandal of Money is a must read. "The prophets of despair, posing as economic wizards, do not have the last word. We do...we can save Main Street from the menace of monopoly money...regaining the American mission and dream," writes Gilder. This is very good news indeed. Recommended reading!

gold Gold Prices Headed to $1,450 Says Analyst -CNBC
"Gold bugs may have a firmer grip on the market than you think. Consolidation in the precious metal has become the driving force for positive near-term momentum in the space, said Zev Spiro, CEO and chief market technician at Orips Research. It comes as both gold and silver trade around their highs for the year....Spiro is forecasting the yellow metal to cost about $200 more an ounce by the end of the year. He added that '$1,450 is my objective. Once we get a break above the $1,280 area, I suspect there will be a fast directional move higher.'"

Think you've missed the 21st Century gold rush? It's never too late to convert some paper money into real money. If you don't own any physical gold buy it at any price. The economies of the world are slowing down, and your savings are NOT IMMUNE. Gold serves as wealth insurance, no matter what happens. Protect your money today, read our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition.

Bank Of Japan A Top 10 Holder Of Japanese Stocks -Zero Hedge
"The latest shocking example of just how intertwined central banks have become in all capital markets, comes courtesy of the Bank of Japan which days ahead of a move which may see it double its ETF purchases from the current run rate of JPY3.3 trillion to JPY7 trillion or more (if Goldman is correct), is revealed to be a top 10 holder in about 90% of all Japanese stocks. Crazier still, if as Goldman predicts the BOJ doubles its purchases of ETFs, the central bank could become the No. 1 shareholder in about 40 of the Nikkei 225’s companies by the end of 2017."

Banks are becoming riskier by the day, literally. Thanks to zero and negative interest rate experiments worldwide, bankers are now being forced to chase returns in the equity markets. This is just one of the 20 major banking risks we cover in our FREE executive summary of DON'T BANK ON IT!

The Case Against Helicopter Money -Japan Times
"The idea of helicopter money dates back to the monetarism debates of the 1960s. A central bank, it was argued, never runs out of options for stimulating aggregate demand and stoking inflation, provided it is willing to resort to radical measures. But what was once a theoretical notion now seems to be a concrete possibility. In practice, helicopter drops would arrive in the form of lump-sum payments to households or consumption vouchers for everybody, funded exclusively by central banks....The question now: Is such an extreme step really justified? The answer is no....In this environment, distributing largesse financed by the central bank would have dangerous systemic consequences in the long run, because it would create perverse incentives for everyone involved."

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Gold last traded at $1,232 an ounce. Silver at $16.92 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded lower Friday, with tech stocks leading declines after major earnings in the sector disappointed. Meanwhile, precious metal prices dipped as the dollar rallied against the Japanese Yen on additional stimulus talk. For the week, gold prices rose 1% and silver prices rocketed 6%.

US Manufacturing Plunges To 7-Year Lows -Zero Hedge
"Following Japan's record low PMI, Europe's modest pick-up, and China's bounce, this week's Philly Fed crash was more indicative as US Manufacturing (flash) PMI printed 50.8 (from 51.5 in March and notably missing 52.0 expectations). This is the lowest print since September 2009 with New Orders sliding (weakest since Dec 2015), and Employment at its weakest since June 2013. As Markit notes, 'US factories reported their worst month for just over six-and-a-half years in April, dashing hopes that first quarter weakness will prove temporary.'"

GoldisMoney Gold has everything in its favor -Marketwatch
"Several gold investors who have enjoyed the ride so far believe the next move is up from here - possibly even taking out prior highs for the metal. 'I would not be surprised to see all-time highs in this next leg of the precious-metals cycle,' says John Hathaway, manager of the Tocqueville Gold Fund. He thinks that could take a few years. 'This is the first leg up,' agrees Frank Holmes, who manages the U.S. Global Investors Gold and Precious Metals Fund. 'There’s a war on cash and a war on savings, and people are starting to see that,' says Hathaway. 'All of this drives people to think: What else is there? Where else can I keep my money safe?' One answer, of course, is gold. Hathaway thinks the best way to get exposure to gold is to buy the metal itself, and then store it in a safe place....Hathaway walks the walk. He has about 14% of his portfolio in physical gold."

John Hathaway tells it like it is. A decade ago, when gold was about $600 an ounce, he was the first to call for four-digit gold prices, saying he would not be surprised to see gold at $1,700 an ounce - which occurred in 2011. Discover additional reasons why gold has 'everything in its favor' by reading our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition.

LAUGH/CRY OF THE WEEK: Californians support abolishing cash -InfoWars
"Clueless Americans signed a fake petition calling for a ban on physical cash in favor of digital currency, in a recent video from social commentator Mark Dice. 'People are using cash to buy things and we’re not able to track them and trace them, and so it’s time to move to an all-digital currency,' Dice explained to one man who had already begun signing the petition....Indeed, most beachgoers displayed little hesitation in signing their names and birth dates to the petition seeking to bring about a cashless society."

This story and video would be laughable if it weren't so sad. As America's 2nd president John Adams once said, "All the perplexities confusion and distress in America arise not from defects of the Constitution, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation." Get up to speed fast by reading The Secret War on Cash.

On Earth Day, it's time to admit business isn't the enemy -CNBC
"Every year around this time, we summon our collective guilt at our mistreatment of the Earth and promise each other that we'll do better....But what if these Earth Day promises we've been making for almost 50 years are actually contributing to the problem rather than helping solve it? What if our anti-corporate slogans are alienating the groups that could make a big difference in the fight against climate change?....Here's the truth: We don't have to choose between the environment and the economy. Being green is profitable. This Earth Day, we need to bring the environmental movement and the business community together."

"The economy is an ecosystem," says futurist and author Lowell Ponte. When Progressive politicians and central banks meddle in the natural order of a free marketplace they disturb that natural order. What can be done to restore a healthy economy? Read this.

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4.21.16 -China Looks to Control Gold and the Dollar!

Gold last traded at $1,250 an ounce. Silver at $17.09 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded lower Thursday, taking the DJIA below 18,000, as telecoms led the decline. Meanwhile, precious metal prices inched higher on a flat U.S. dollar.

Moscow & Shanghai seek to dominate gold trade -RT
"The Bank of Russia and the People's Bank of China want to create a joint platform that would unite gold trading by the world's two biggest gold buying countries....In China, the gold trade is conducted in Shanghai, in Russia it is in Moscow. 'Our idea is to create a link between the two cities in order to increase trade between the two markets,' First Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov told TASS....China is the world's largest gold producer. Last year it produced 490 tons. Russia is third after Australia with about 295 tons produced last year. Overall, the countries make up 25 percent of the world gold production."

This story provides further evidence of ramped up efforts by the Chinese and Russian central banks to challenge the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency - a topic we have been warning our readers about and detail in our 2016 Gold Report - World Edition

stock chart Solar Giant SunEdison files for bankruptcy -CNBC
"U.S. solar energy company SunEdison filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, becoming one of the largest non-financial companies to do so in the past 10 years. Once the fastest-growing U.S. renewable energy developer, SunEdison embarked on an aggressive acquisition strategy that left it struggling with $12 billion in debt. In its bankruptcy filing, the company said it had assets of $20.7 billion and liabilities of $16.1 billion as of Sept. 30."

What Did Fed Chairman Yellen Tell Obama? -Ron Paul/Mises
"This week, President Obama and Vice President Biden held a hastily arranged secret meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen. According to the one paragraph statement released by the White House following the meeting, Yellen, Obama, and Biden simply 'exchanged notes' about the economy and the progress of financial reform. Yellen’s secret meeting at the White House followed an emergency secret Federal Reserve Board meeting. The Fed then held another secret meeting to discuss bank reform. These secret meetings come on the heels of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s estimate that first quarter GDP growth was .01 percent, dangerously close to the official definition of recession....The Fed can only keep the wolves at bay with promises of future rate increases for so long before its polices cause a major dollar crisis....The no-win situation the Fed finds itself in is a sign that we are reaching the inevitable collapse of the fiat currency system...this collapse could usher in an economic catastrophe dwarfing the Great Depression."

Author Explains How to Stop America's 'Progressive' Decline -Ponte/Proven & Probable Radio Show
"Lowell Ponte, famed renowned author and think tank futurist provides an exclusive 2 part interview with Proven & Probable's Maurice Jackson, discussing Liberty, Capitalism, The FED, FDIC, Progressivism, Gold, Banking, Capital Controls, Politics, Race, Gold & More! Mr. Ponte provides empirical evidence regarding the past, current, and future of the United States and solutions to reclaim the virtues that made America the beacon of freedom and opportunity."

The American Dream is at risk this year as the Progressive Dream, espoused by both democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, is being pushed upon the public by every imaginable means in the mass media. Learn how to protect your financial future before America takes another sharp left turn by reading our free 16-page Executive Summary of Lowell Ponte and Craig Smith's latest book, WE HAVE SEEN THE FUTURE AND IT LOOKS LIKE BALTIMORE: AMERICAN DREAM VS. PROGRESSIVE DREAM.

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4.20.16 - The Economy Will NOT Be Saved By Zero!

Gold last traded at $1,254 an ounce. Silver at $17.13 an ounce.

NEWS SUMMARY: U.S. stocks traded higher Wednesday amid upbeat earnings, higher oil prices and rising home sales. Meanwhile, precious metal prices steadied after rising sharply this week on a weaker U.S. dollar.

Trump Hints He Would Replace Janet Yellen -Zero Hedge
"Three weeks after angering the mainstream media with his apocryphal assessment that the US 'Is Headed For A Massive Recession' and that 'It's A Terrible Time To Invest In Stocks', Trump is likely set to make even more waves with an interview he gave to Fortune magazine, which will be released in its entirety later this week, in which Trump says that while he likes Janet Yellen’s low interest rates, he is not a big fan of Janet Yellen herself. 'I think she’s done a serviceable job,' Trump tells Fortune. 'I don’t want to comment on reappointment, but I would be more inclined to put other people in.'"

Donald Trump continually demonstrates that he is an equal opportunity offender - willing to step on everyone's toes. When it comes to replacing Janet Yellen as Fed Chair, we agree wholeheartedly, as discussed in our free White Paper, The Biggest Bank Heist in History.

zero percent Negative Interest Rates May Be Positive for Gold -Real Clear Markets
"Perhaps the main reason people buy gold is as a hedge against inflation. But uncertainty and fear contributed undoubtedly to gold's stellar first quarter rise. But will it continue? Opinions vary among some of the most revered gold analysts in large financial firms...the mainstream financial firms have yet to alter their decidedly bearish outlook on gold. This could prove positive for those who take the contrarian position....If negative rates fail to generate growth, and there is no sign that they will, central banks then may take the next logical step down the endless stimulus path. They may decide to bypass the financial system as a pathway to issue newly created fiat money (as in Quantitative Easing), in favor of delivering money directly to consumers. This is what is known as 'helicopter money,' which the banks could drop from the skies onto an economy in hopes of getting consumers to spend....It should be apparent that bankers will not be deterred from trying any policy imaginable that punishes savers and destroys the value of fiat currencies."

The Fed is sailing the U.S. into stagflationary waters, according to Jim Carrillo, which historically is bad for the country; but could propel gold to new heights. Jim writes, "Today the underlying U.S. economy simply isn't healthy enough to sustain growth, which puts the Fed in a precarious position. If they lift interest rates during stagnant growth (i.e. recession) with the real unemployment rates high, the economy will freeze up. The fiddling Fed will then be trapped."

China's Impact on Physical Gold/Silver Markets -Murphy/Sprott Money
"When you dedicate yourself to a project for 17 years, as Bill Murphy, GATA and LeMetropole Cafe, has, it must to be a joyous occasion to see the beginning steps of justice being served. On April 14 Deutche Bank (DB) admitted, in a court of law, their precious metals desk had been rigging the silver market and as the information began to surface it was also discovered that DB had been rigging the gold market as well. This is only the beginning....On April 19, 2016 the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) began offering physical gold, at spot price, but instead of the contract being settled in dollars it will be settled in yuan (Renminbi), the Chinese national currency. This will provide an alternative for companies and bullion traders around the world to acquire physical gold at the current stated spot price. This has huge implications for the current gold and silver markets that operate in London and Chicago. These two markets, over the course of the next year, will be impacted as more people begin using the new SGE physical gold market. We can only hope the impacts is a tipping point for the precious metals market...As you can see currencies, gold (gold is money) and silver (silver has been money longer than gold) are experiencing massive changes in a highly compressed time frame."

Political Nightmare on Wall Street - NY Times
"The problem goes beyond the popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders, who can’t seem to go five minutes without labeling big banks Enemy No. 1. 'The consensus, absolutely, is that the choices couldn’t be worse,' said William D. Cohan, a business writer and former Wall Street banker. 'This has become the nightmare scenario for people on Wall Street.'....There is a lot of confusion about what’s happening, and no clear favored candidate....Whatever happens in New York, it does seem as though voters’ trust in large institutions on Wall Street - along with the news media, Congress and political parties writ large - has eroded to the point of invisibility."

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