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September 29, 2016

Deutsche Bank economist: Why the Fed has gotten it wrong time and time again - CNBC--9.29.16
According to one Deutsche Bank expert, "The FOMC has been too optimistic for many years," and there seems to be a conflict between the Fed's economic expectations and reality.

Trump’s ‘ugly’ claim about stocks is backed by Morgan Stanley economist- Market Watch--9.29.16
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump warned at the latest debate that stocks are in a "big fat ugly bubble, and we better be careful." His statement has now been backed by Morgan Stanley chief economist Ruchir Sharma.

Crisis at Europe’s banks threatens to roil global markets- Market Watch--9.28.16
One financial blogger is stating that Europe's problems with some of its largest financial institutions could hurt the rest of the global market.

Deutsche Bank woes stoking fears of 2008 financial crisis repeat - RT--9.28.16
Europe's biggest lender Deutsche Bank has lost more than half of its value since January, posing a threat to the stability of all other banks across the continent.

Divided Fed Holds Fire, Signals 2016 Rate Increase Still Likely - Bloomberg--9.21.16
A divided Federal Reserve left policy interest rates unchanged as they await more evidence of progress towards their goals. This is the sixth straight hold amid inconsistent signs of economic strength.

Bank of Japan Sets Bond-Rate Target in Policy Revamp - The Wall Street Journal--9.21.16
The Bank of Japan introduced a monetary policy unseen in decades and introduced a target for 10-year interest in its latest attempt for economic growth. The Bank of Japan said it will keep the yield on 10-year Japanese government bonds at zero and will adjust the pace of its bond buying as needed to accomplish that.

DEUTSCHE BANK: All of our recession indicators are flashing red right now, but ...- Business Insider--9.20.16
The top European equity strategists from Deutsche Bank have published a note examining the risks of a U.S. recession and all of the warning signs that preceded the previous three recessions are here.

With fewer people buying homes, millennials are redefining the American dream - CNBC--9.17.16
Home ownership in America is not nearly as common as it once was. Figures show that in the second quarter of 2016, the home ownership rate dropped to 62.9 percent, the lowest in more than 50 years.

GOLDMAN: One measure suggests stocks could crash 25% - Business Insider--9.19.16
According to David Kostin, Goldman Sachs' chief equity strategist, the S&P 500 is looking a little pricey and companies are becoming less and less profitable.

The Federal Reserve confronts a possibility it never expected: No exit. - The Washington Post--9.19.16
Fed officials are grappling with an economy that appears to be stuck in first gear and instead of executing their exit strategy, the Fed must confront the possibility that things may have to remain in place indefinitely.

U.S. retail sales, factory output slump; third-quarter growth forecast cut - Reuters--9.15.16
U.S. retail sales fell more than expected in August, further diminishing expectations of a Fed interest rate increase next week.

Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ shows it’s about to get wild in the stock market- Market Watch--9.14.16
Wall Street's "fear gauge" is getting higher as U.S. equities logged a second sharp selloff in the past three sessions. The Volatility Index rose to its highest level since June 28 and implying that investors are starting to dial up bets that stocks could suffer further.

State pension funds are awash in red ink: Here's your share - CNBC--9.14.16
Years of underfunding and lackluster investment returns have left state public pensions even deeper in the hole. After years of not setting aside enough money, state pension funds are looking at a $1 trillion shortfall in what they owe workers in benefits.

Ben Bernanke: 'Premature' to count out negative rates - CNBC--9.14.16
Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke thinks policymakers should give serious thought to implementing negative rates. Discussion of negative rates has come in the context of what the Fed could do should another economic crisis arise.

The Fed Is Planning for Another Slow Recovery - Bloomberg--9.13.16
Janet Yellen's speech from last month revealed that the Fed remains unwilling to pursue with appropriate vigor its objectives of 2 percent inflation and maximum employment.

PAUL SINGER: 'It's a very dangerous time in the global economy'- Business Insider--9.13.16
Prominent hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer is blaming central bankers for the slow economy. He says that policymakers need to consider fiscal policies to spur the economy and argued that they have created a risky environment for investors.

Rate Hike Fears Rattle Investors - Time--9.12.16
The Fed has given little indication on the timing of the next rate hike, but investors are taking cues from a number of top officials hinting at a possible raise at the Fed's next policy meeting.

U.S. Services Industries Expand at Weakest Pace in Six Years - Bloomberg-- 9.6.16
America's service industries expanded in August at the weakest pace in year, signaling waning optimism about the economy.

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