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March 4, 2015

Jobless claims surge 31,000 to 313,000 - Market Watch--2.26.15
The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits surged in late February to the highest level seen in several weeks.

Germany Sells Five-Year Debt at Negative Yield - NY Times--2.25.15
The German government sold five-year notes at a negative yield for the first time in history. When buying bonds with negative yields, investors are essentially prepared to pay Germany for the right to hold its debt if they retain those bonds until maturity.

Stock-market crash of 2016: The countdown begins - Market Watch--2.25.15
Experts are calling for a crash of 50% in 2016. Experts are predicting this will happen closer to the 2016 presidential election and will echoes of the 2008 crash.

NIRP Officially Arrives In The US As JPM Starts Charging Fees On Deposits - Zero Hedge--2.24.15
The Wall Street Journal has reported that J.P. Morgan Chase is preparing to charge large institutional customers for some deposits.

Consumers less confident in health of economy - Market Watch--2.24.15
Consumers expressed less confidence in the economy during the month of February, worrying over job availability and outlook for business.

Existing Home Sales Plunge (and Don't Blame The Weather) - Zero Hedge--2.23.15
Existing home sales collapsed in January, falling 4.9% against expectations of 1.8%. Many blame it on the weather, but the biggest drop in home sales was actually in the West.

Look who's living on the financial edge - CNBC--2.23.15
According to a new report, 24 percent of Americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings and many more are not much better off, putting them at risk of a financial crisis.

The investing golden age may be over: Robert Shiller - Yahoo Finance--2.18.15
The American economy is changing. Economist Robert Shiller explains that people need to move away from the thought that the economy will go back to it was pre-crisis.

Germany rejects Greek olive branch on eve of bailout talks - Washington Times--2.18.15
Germany has quickly addressed a bailout proposal by Greece, dampening hopes that emergency talks would break a deadlock.

The Fed is worried about what happens when everyone rushes for the exit - Yahoo Finance--2.18.15
In the minutes from the January FOMC meeting, the Federal Reserve addressed the financial situation, and mentioned the increasing role of bond and loan mutual finds posing a liquidity risk if everyone tried to leave the market at the same time.

Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware - NY Times--2.14.15
Since late 2013, an unknown group of hackers have reportedly stolen $300 million, if not more, from banks across the world. The majority of targets were in Russia, but other targets included Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

Shiller warns bond investors: Beware of 'crash'!- Yahoo! Finance--2.13.15
Economist Robert Shiller is worried that bond prices might be irrationally high and interest rates are extremely low. Shiller believes right now is a risky time to invest in long-term fixed income.

The REAL Greek Negotiations: Situation Is “Berserk", "There Is No Plan", "Greeks Digging Own Graves" - Zero Hedge--2.10.15
One EU official warns that the Greek are digging their own graves and another calls the Greek plan hopeless. Another EU official is describing the current situation in Greece as "berserk."

Global debt up by $57 trillion since crisis: Report - CNBC--2.6.15
According to a new study, the world ended last year $57 trillion deeper in debt than it was in 2007. The total tab is now more than twice the value of the world's economic output.

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