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June 24, 2016

Gold prices skyrocket, hitting a 2-year high, as the unlikely Brexit becomes a reality. Stocks plummet as investors are blindsided. Analysts now dear global recession may be a reality. Gold last traded at $1,322 an ounce. Silver at $17.78 an ounce.

Investors Are Flocking To Gold And Other Safe Havens After Brexit Vote - Forbes--6.24.16
As the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, investors sought gold and other safe-haven assets. Global markets plummeted prompting a "flight to safety" that impacted the markets worldwide.

Gold Sales Surge on Brexit Vote- Fortune--6.24.16
Gold dealers in London are reporting a surging demand for coins and bars on Friday following the vote for Britain to leave the European Union. The volatility also left some retail investors scrambling to stock up on gold, dealers say.

Foreign Central Banks Race To Gold As The U.S. Sits - Seeking Alpha--6.23.16
A new long-term uptrend in showing that foreign central banks for bullion is a driver of gold price. Countries like China, Russia, India and Saudi Arabia have been aggressive buyers of gold while the U.S. suffers a decline.

Why gold could ‘brenefit’ regardless of Brexit vote outcome - CNBC--6.22.16
Gold is currently feeling the effects of uncertainty over the Brexit vote. However, two experts argue that no matter what the vote comes out to, gold could rally.

Brexit gold rush: Scared Brits stockpile bars & coins, just in case - RT--6.22.16
Concerned UK citizens, worried about the potential fallout of a Brexit, are stockpiling gold bars and bullion in their safes at home. The Royal Mint have stated their sales have soared by 32 percent in June.

Gold is going to $1,450, and these charts prove it: Technical analyst - CNBC--6.17.16
One technical analyst is certain that major gains are ahead for gold and predicting a price of $1,450 an ounce with a possibility of hitting the $1,525 to $1,550 area.

Gold Can Only Go Up As A Perfect Storm Of Brexit And Trump Presidency Loom Large- Forbes--6.17.16
A mix of financial, political and economic forces are behind the latest gold revival and none of them are short-term events. Slowing global growth, a faltering Chinese economy and the U.S. economy outlook are all events that will help gold prices continue higher.

Gold just scored a ticket to ride higher from Fed’s Yellen- Market Watch-- 6.16.16
Fed officials left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday and even vut their expectations for rate hikes in the next two years. This brightens the outlook for gold and caused prices to jump over $1,300 an ounce in electronic trading.

Gold Soars Close to Two-Year High as Fed and Brexit Boost Demand - Bloomberg--6.15.16
Gold surged to its highest level in almost two years after the Fed's decision to keep interest rates low and concerns that the U.K. will leave the European Union.

Gold briefly breaks $1,300, highest since May 3, as Yellen speaks - CNBC--6.15.16
Gold prices briefly hit the $1,300 an ounce level as the Federal Reserve announced it will leave interest rate unchanged at its June meeting. The yellow metal has now rallied for the last five sessions as assets seen as higher risk saw heavy losses.

China & Russia Buying Gold 'as Safe Haven' - Bullion Vault--6.15.16
China and Russia's central banks are buying gold as a "safe haven" according to analysts. This move is led by "growing fears over global economic growth and grave concern over the health of emerging market economies."

Geopolitics, Central Banks Provide Push For Gold To Climb Above $1,400 An Ounce - Forbes--6.13.16
Trust in the European Central Bank continues to falter and many investors are flocking to gold as a safe haven investment. Some experts are even expecting to see gold hit $1400 an ounce later this year.

Why big investors think it's time to hoard gold - CNBC--6.9.16
Gold prices hit a three-week high and is up 20 percent this year so far to date. High profile investors, like George Soros, have made it no secret that they see bad times ahead in the markets and gold is the safe bet.

The Big Bet of 2016: Joining George Soros in Gold - The Wall Street Journal--6.9.16
Falling expectations of a Fed rate increase have fueled a boom in gold. Gold has been one of the best performing assets in 2016, up 20% so far this year.

Nations Seeking Power Also Seek Gold - Newsmax--6.9.16
As China strives for a greater role in the global economy, its also working for greater power and prominence in the international gold trade. The most powerful economies in the world are ensuring they have tons of gold at their foundation.

Gold touches 3-week high as rate-hike fears subside, dollar weakens- Market Watch--6.8.16
Gold prices were sharply higher, hitting their highest level in three weeks on a weaker U.S. dollar. Investors fears of an interest-rate hike also have diminished, helping boost the yellow metal.

Gold: The Ultimate Insurance - Daily Reckoning--6.8.16
Many of the safest financial institutions have been hacked meaning it could happen to anymore. Physical gold is the one asset that can not be hacked, erased or made to disappear.

Royal Mint to sell gold bars for pensions - BBC News--6.8.16
The Royal Mint will now be offering savers the chance to own gold bars within their pension funds for the first time. It was previously possible for investors to buy gold bullion from the Royal Mint, but not as part of pension savings.

Gold appetite in May was the strongest in over 3 years- Market Watch--6.7.16
Buyers took advantage of gold's price volatility in May, according to data from Bullion Vault. According to BullionVault, the number of investors starting or growing their personal gold and silver holdings rose in May to its best level since Spring 2013.

American Silver Eagle Sales on Pace for Another Record Breaking Year- CoinWeek--6.6.16
The United States Mint sales figures continue to point to yet another record-breaking year. If Silver Eagle sales exceed last year's totals, then 2016 will be the fourth consecutive record year in recent memory.

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