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July 22, 2016

Gold prices ease back as investors look ahead to next week's Fed policy meeting. Stocks little changed as investors digest batch of corporate earnings. Gold last traded at $1,323 an ounce. Silver at $19.68 an ounce.

How Donald Trump could spark a huge gold rally- Market Watch--7.22.16
According to Georgette Boele, a currency and precious-metals analyst, Donald Trump's pledge to tear up trade agreements and a rise in over uncertainty over the policy would likely spur a rise in demand for gold.

Stoeferle: Helicopter Money Coming And It Will Boost Gold Market To New Highs - Seeking Alpha--7.21.16
Gold is back in a new market as many governments around the world consider using "helicopter money" to help their economies. One expert believes gold is back in a brand new bull market.

Currency Specialist Says Gold Surge Will Continue - Value Walk--7.20.16
One expert is forecasting gold prices to shoot up over $1,500 an ounce and see another bull market. According to Benjamin Wong of DBS Group Holdings, Ltd., gold's upward movement is verification of the political uncertainty now driving the yellow metal.

Big Banks Continue to Support Gold - Townhall--7.19.16
Most global mega-banks are still supporting gold as part of their overall investment strategy and many are predicting higher prices in the range of $1,400 to $1,500.

Brits Are Investing in Gold at Unprecedented Levels - Fortune--7.18.16
After Britain voted to leave the European Union, gold dealers saw an unprecedented amount of interest in gold, much of it from first-time buyers, as many take advantage of its safe-haven appeal.

The Broad Market, Helicopters and Gold - Gold Seek--7.15.16
Thanks to Brexit, there is now rising anticipation of "helicopter money". This is expected to begin in Japan but may soon become global. If this takes off, gold and silver could continue to record highs.

Economic Unrest Continues Helping Gold - Market Realist--7.14.16
Global fears are resurfacing and the Federal Reserve seems to be in no rush to raise interest rates. Confidence in the financial performance of major world economies may be beginning to waver which could cause demand for gold and other metals to grow.

Why The Gold Price is Rising, and Why it Will Continue To Do So - The Daily Reckoning--7.12.16
One expert states gold prices are moving higher because the market views it as a currency and it is starting to price gold as another global currency, one that global central bankers can't easily debase.

Gold Rally Just Getting Warmed Up According To UBS, Credit Suisse- Forbes--7.12.16
So far in 2016 gold has surged 28 percent and there are signs the rally is just getting started, according to analysts from UBS and Credit Suisse. According to one UBS analyst, gold could climb as high as $1,400 an ounce in the short term.

Central banks are about to stock up on gold - Business Insider--7.8.16
According to Capital Economics, central banks are set to pile into gold throughout the year. Central banks are hunting for safe haven assets and experts expect central banks from developing economies to be the main purchasers of gold in the near future.

Going for gold: Money floods into precious metals like never before - Market Watch--7.8.16
Investors can't get enough of gold after Brexit turmoil and delayed expectations for the Fed to raise interest rates. Demand for the safe haven investment has risen to an all-time high, according to the latest report from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Gold Rises 9.7 Percent as Silver Prices Surge 26 Percent - Newsmax--7.7.16
Gold recently had its best finish in 28 months while silver had its best finish in 23 months. Since June, silver has jumped 26 percent while gold has jumped 9.7 percent as investors become more concerned over the state of the global economy.

Weird: Currencies Are Collapsing Against Gold- The Huffington Post--7.7.16
So far this year gold is up against the U.S. dollar 17.68 percent and up against the Pound Sterling 41 percent. If you look at gold in the last ten years, it is up 116 percent against the dollar and 209 percent against the Pound Sterling.

Gold and silver will be the last 'currencies' standing - CNBC--7.7.16
Gold is the anti-fiat currency. Gold is a currency that can not be manipulated, debased, and conjured up electronically. Gold is rare and must be dug out from the ground and therefore considered a "precious" metal.

This chart shows why gold is about to rise another 12 percent: Technician - CNBC--7.6.16
Gold prices soared to $1,377 an ounce and one technician believes the metal will continue to climb. Gold recently broke the $1,300 resistance level and this expert sees gold climbing as high as $1,525.

This is the start of a gold bull market, says strategist - CNBC--7.6.16
Gold is on the verge of a new bull market according one precious metals strategist. Gold is up 29 percent so far in 2016 and continues higher as investors become more concerned about global stability.

UBS: 'Gold has entered a new phase' - Business Insider--7.6.16
Gold has "entered a new phase" of growth due to a variety of macroeconomic factors. Risks to the global economy has led to many experts to increase their annual forecast for gold.

Brexit helps gold gain over 25% in first half of 2016 - CNBC--7.1.16
Brexit provided precious metals a big boost as investors run towards safe-haven assets. Gold prices have risen 25 percent year-to-date while silver has climbed 35 percent so far this year.

Faber Says Own Gold, Prepare for QE4 as Easing Follows Brexit- Bloomberg--6.28.16
According to expert Marc Faber, gold's investment case strengthened when the U.K. voted to quit the European Union. Now, gold's case looks even stronger because the Fed may now even embark on a fourth round of quantitative easing, according to Faber.

How Have Brexit and Gold’s Surge Affected Physical Demand? - Market Realist--6.28.16
U.K.'s recent decision to leave the European Union has forced investors to sell equities in search of safer assets. Due to this demand, sales of physical gold soared in countries such as the United States, France, Germany and Singapore.

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