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9.30.11 -- Gold: Best 'asset class' of quarter, year, decade! -- Listen

Gold prices ended the month and quarter on Friday near $1,625/oz. Prices dipped 11% in September, but rose 8% in Q3. Gold last traded at $1,624 an ounce, silver at $29.93 an ounce.

gold You can't keep Gold (a very classy asset) down - Editor
Despite a 20% price correction in precious metals in August, gold remains up 15% ytd, while silver is down 2.4% ytd. Both the Dow and silver prices ended Q3 down 15%. The BIG difference? Gold and silver offer long-term investors and savers a great buying opp in the best performing asset class of the last decade. The Dow remains a selling opp.

Recent Gold Take-down A Form of Economic Warfare -ReTeaParty
"The take-down of gold and silver markets over the past two weeks signified a new milestone in corruption, revealing the level of evil control behind our government.

"The paper attack on gold was concentrated and accomplished by using futures, options and derivatives. No matter what the powers that be do they cannot for any period of time control gold and silver prices. There are too many buyers who want to dump fiat currencies.

"The elitists attacked gold, silver and commodities so investors would think it was a general overall retreat not a reflection of Fed incompetence in "Operation Twist".

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9.29.11 -- A gold standard is the world's best hope -- Listen

Gold prices marched above $1,600/oz. Thursday as bargain hunters continued buying price dips. Gold last traded at $1,616 an ounce, silver at $30.64 an ounce.

Why Invest In Gold When One Has The Safety Of The Dollar? TV Reporter Explains - Laugh of the Day

Gold decline presents massive buying opportunity - The Adens
The markets have been wild and volatile over the past couple of months. In fact, it's hard to remember a time when so many fast-paced events were happening at the same time, all over the world.

Over the past decade, gold been the best investment in good times and bad. But it's now moving in tune with the other markets. The fundamentals show that gold will again take center stage in the not too distant future. In other words, despite the likelihood of more volatility in the weeks ahead, gold is headed much higher over the long haul.

The destiny of mankind hinges upon gold - Gold IRAs
Jacques Rueff was a man capable of understanding the fundamentals of how the world works. Rueff wrote a little book in 1963, “L’Age de L’Inflation” (“The Age of Inflation”) made up of some articles he had written. He wrote an “Introduction” to his book, and the very first words are these: “THE DESTINY OF MANKIND HINGES UPON GOLD”

Europe is a great mess today because those in power made the wrong choice when deciding what currency the European Union should use. They chose a fiat currency instead of the Gold Standard and currency redeemable in gold at sight. That is the Original Sin of the euro.

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9.28.11 -- $1,600 Gold Still A Great Buy! -- Listen

Gold prices eased back near $1,600/oz. Wednesday on profit taking offering investors another buy-the-dip opportunity. Gold last traded at $1,610 an ounce, silver at $29.96 an ounce.

Gold is still the strongest commodity, buy on every decline: Analysts- India Economic Times
According to some experts, gold is the strongest commodity out there right now and one should buy on any declines like the ones that have been occurring over the past few days. Many also say that this drop in prices is only temporary and gold will resume its uptrend soon enough.

Gold Tumbles But Doesn't Fall Out Of Long-Term Bullish Trend- Forbes
Even with the recent correction in gold prices, gold has been trading within the long-term trading range. According to one expert, gold overshot on the upside when gold prices began trading over $1,900 an ounce. Last week was just a market correction for gold and there is nothing to worry about.

Gold rebounds 36% from major dips since 2003 - SATC
Reuters reports "In Q4 2008... the gold price fell by 25% over a fairly short period...But it does tend to recover at significantly higher levels." [Ed. Note: 36% "higher levels" on average following the eight major dips since 2003, to be exact]

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.27.11 -- Gold Rebounds on Buying Opportunities -- Listen

Gold prices rallied from lows and reached $1,650/oz as investors take advantage of recent price lows. Gold prices closed at $1,640 an ounce while silver closed at $32.00 an ounce.

Gold is still the strongest commodity, buy on every decline- India Economic Times
According to experts, gold is still the strongest commodity out there and investors should buy on any price dips. The low prices right now are only temporary and gold prices will continue their rise soon enough. READ MORE

From Crash to Rally! Bull Market in Precious Metals Is Not Over- Yahoo! Finance
According to expert Andre Julian, technical analysis is the key driver for gold right now and he ultimately sees gold going as high as $2000 an ounce. There are still many uncertainties in the market which will keep gold around and it will continue its bull run soon enough. READ MORE

Plan To Return America To The Gold Standard Set To Be Offered at Washington- NY Sun
Lewis Lehrman is heading to Washington to introduce a 5-step plan on how to country can return to a stable dollar. His plan includes returning America to a gold-backed currency within five years. Many people and officials believe that going back to a gold backed currency will solve our financial problems and bring us out of the recession. READ MORE

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9.26.11 -- Gold's Major Dip #9 Attracts Buyers! -- Listen

Gold prices slipped below $1,600/oz. on Monday, offering long-term investors the best buying opportunity in years. Gold last traded at $1,628 an ounce, after falling below $1,550/oz. overseas, a 20% correction from recent highs.

"History would suggest that while gold has taken a beating, it is far from down and out," reports Reuters. "Gold and other real assets are not immune from global sell-offs, and this is a textbook example."

This is only the third time in a decade that gold prices have dipped over 20%. The brilliant yellow metal is still up 15% in 2011.

"In Q4 2008... the gold price fell by 25% over a fairly short period...But it does tend to recover at significantly higher levels." [Ed. Note: 36% "higher levels" on average following the eight major dips since 2003, to be exact]

"A healthy 15% correction back to $1,600/oz. should not surprise anyone," said Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith last month.

Mr. Smith remains confident the 21st century rush is far from over, "A 25% correction back to $1,425/oz. could occur, however, the strong fundamentals driving this flight to safety should continue to send gold prices higher."

The gold sell-off could last for several weeks, months maybe, which is normal after a 10-year rally but investors shouldn't ditch the asset altogether but buy amid price dips, international investor Jim Rogers tells CNBC.

"Gold has been up 10 years in a row, which is very unusual in any asset class."

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9.23.11 -- Gold: Best buying opp since 2006! -- Listen

Gold prices slipped 4.5% on Friday, dipping below $1,650/oz., offering the best buying opportunity since 2006. Gold last traded at $1,657 an ounce, silver slid over 13% to $31.16 an ounce.

For the week gold prices fell 9% as short-term investors and large hedge funds sold metals positions to raise cash. This week alone the Dow lost over a half trillion dollars in value, falling some 600 points.

gold Looking at the bigger picture, over the last six months the Dow is now down 10%, while the brilliant yellow metal is up 18%. This week's correction is the 9th major gold price dip since 2003, with an average rebound of 36% following the dip. If this pattern repeats, the next stop for gold is $2,200/oz.

In August, Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith said...
"The pundits ask: 'Will prices fall further during this correction?' The right answer is 'I hope so!' A healthy 10-15% correction back to $1,600/oz. should not surprise anyone paying attention to market fundamentals."

This month Mr. Smith added. "Expect $100/oz. daily movements in gold prices, which until recently, took one year."

What if gold prices fall further?
Our best recommendation is to buy gold now, thus hedging yourself against the inevitable rebound precious metals will soon make. Buy on the dips when others are selling. Remember, 2011 is just the half-way point in a powerful, 20-year marathon bull market cycle.

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9.22.11 -- Instant liquidity: Gold's Middle Name -- Listen

Gold prices dipped over 2% on Thursday as investor confidence slid along with financial markets globally. Gold last traded at $1,736 an ounce, silver slid over 9% to $35.84 an ounce.

Stocks sold off sharply across the board Thursday, fueled by ongoing global economic worries in addition to a gloomy outlook from the Fed. CNBC reports Soros now says "U.S. Is Already in Double-Dip Recession".

Yes, even gold prices dipped today in sympathy for the blood bath on Wall St., due to a stronger dollar, weaker commodities and stock market margin calls for instant liquidity, which is gold's middle name.

The Wisdom of Buying on Gold Price Dips
A new stage in the decade-long march toward the gold standard has begun.

"Expect $100/oz. daily movements in gold prices, which until recently took one year," said author and Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

"The pundits ask: 'Will prices fall further during this correction?' The right answer is 'I hope so!' A healthy 10-15% correction back to $1,600/oz. should not surprise anyone paying attention to market fundamentals," said Mr. Smith. More...

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.21.11 -- Fed policy takes new inflationary 'twist' -- Listen

Gold prices eased back below $1,800/oz. Wednesday as investors sold on news of the Fed's "Operation Twist". Gold last traded at $1,780 an ounce, silver at $39.62 an ounce.

It's not just leaves that will begin falling, so will interest rates on home mortgages, according to the Federal Reserve Committee. Just in time for the official arrival of the Fall season on Friday.

Fed Announces More Stimulus "Twist" Despite Growing Criticism -CNBC
The Federal Reserve said it will sell $400 billion of its shorter-term securities to buy longer-term holdings, its latest effort to boost a weak economy. Read Fed Statement

Fed Bashing Becomes the One Issue Both Parties Agree On - CNBC
In a rare display of bipartisanship, both Republicans and Democrats appear to believe that the Fed needs reforming. But they disagree on what exactly the problem is. Top Republican congressional leaders wrote Mr. Bernanke this week urging the central bank to desist from further economic interventions.

"For those who are confused...
what just happened today is that Bernanke just agreed to sacrifice stocks (for the time being) until Congress starts cooperating, due to electoral pressure to get fiscal stimulus in order. The problem with that line of thought is that the GOP will rather do nothing and get even more anger focused on Obama than actually pass even $1 in fiscal stimulus into the economy," reports

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.20.11 -- Gold tops $1,800 on bargain hunting -- Listen

Gold prices rose above $1,800/oz. Tuesday as investors bought the dip ahead of Fed statement. Gold last traded at $1,803 an ounce, silver at $39.67 an ounce.

Gold Price May Reach $2,300 in 2012, Newmont’s O’Brien Says
Newmont Mining Corp CEO, Richard O'Brien, is predicting $2,000 gold by the end of this year and $2,300 gold by the end of 2012.

IMF Cuts Global Growth Estimate
The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has cut its forecast for global growth as well as also predicted that there will be "severe" repercussions if leaders in the Euro Zone fail to solve their debt crisis and leaders in the United States deadlock over a fiscal plan.

The Case For American Eagle Proof Gold
American Eagle Proof Gold has been a market leader for the better part of the decade. Unlike bullion, if owned physically outside of an IRA, it is a completely private way to own gold on both the purchase and the sale.

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.19.11 -- Markets swoon amid global debt fears -- Listen

Gold prices fell near $1,775/oz. Monday as investors tapped liquid assets to cover stock market losses amid global debt and default worries. Gold last traded at $1,778 an ounce, silver at $39.65 an ounce.

Obama announces debt plan built on taxes on rich -AP
President Barack Obama called for $1.5 trillion in new taxes Monday, part of a total 10-year deficit reduction package totaling more than $3 trillion. "We can't just cut our way out of this hole," the president said.

The president's proposal aims to reduce spending in mandatory benefit programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, by $580 billion and counts savings of $1 trillion over 10 years from the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to authors Lowell Ponte and Craig R. Smith:
“The 'poison pill' of between $1.5 and $3 Trillion in tax increases that President Obama this week defiantly put at the center of his jobs proposal would kill the creation of millions of new jobs."

“Mr. Obama's aim is apparently not to generate jobs for the 25 million Americans who desperately need them – but to force Republicans to vote against his class-warfare taxes on job creators."

A Little Inflation Can Be a Dangerous Thing - Paul Volcker, NY Times In all the commentary about Ben S. Bernanke’s recent speech in Jackson Hole, Wyo., little attention has been paid to six crucial words: “in a context of price stability.”

President Obama has now set out new proposals to support economic growth. I hope he will be able to work with a responsible Congress to restore a healthy economy “in a context of price stability.”

If, in desperation, we turn to deliberately seeking inflation to solve real problems — our economic imbalances, sluggish productivity, and excessive leverage — we would soon find that a little inflation doesn’t work.

Once an independent central bank does not simply tolerate a low level of inflation as consistent with “stability,” but invokes inflation as a policy, it becomes very difficult to eliminate.

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9.16.11 -- Golden Strategy on the Brain -- Listen

Gold prices bounced back over $1,800/oz. Friday on safe haven buying as bargain hunters bought the dip. Gold last traded at $1,812 an ounce, silver at $40.66 an ounce.

Debt Concerns Boost Demand for Haven - Bloomberg
Gold rose the most in a week on renewed concern that Europe's debt crisis will threaten economies, boosting demand for a haven. European finance ministers ruled out efforts to prop up the faltering economy and gave no indication of providing aid for lenders at a meeting today.

gold The Price of Gold is on Everyone's Mind Today - Editor
Precious metals prices dipped 2% on Monday, and zig-zagged to end the week down 2%. Every time gold dips below $1,800 or silver dips below $40 the buyers charge back in. We expect this trend to continue, like the ebb and flow of a golden tidal wave still building momentum below the surface. Buy during calms, not during storms.

"Betting against gold is the same as betting on governments. He who bets on governments and government money bets against 6,000 years of recorded human history." - Charles De Gaulle

NEW: Classic U.S. $20 Gold Coins: Better than Bullion? You decide.

Next week's economic data includes; the Housing Market Index on Monday, Housing Starts on Tuesday, Existing Home Sales and a Federal Reserve rate decision on Wednesday, and Jobless Claims and Leading Economic Indicators on Thursday.

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.15.11 -- Jobs down, stocks up ... inflation up, gold down -- Listen

Gold's consolidation continued on Thursday as short-term profit taking sent prices below $1,800/oz. Gold last traded at $1,789 an ounce, silver at $39.91 an ounce.

"Welcome to Stagflation Nation?" reports Marketwatch.
Prices are rising as weekly jobless claims rise, prompting questions of whether the U.S. is heading into a 1970's-era stagnation. We’re getting the worst of both worlds: Not only are prices rising much faster than wages, but prospects for faster growth are fading.

Monetary System Will Go Gold Soon- King World News
According to expert Jim Richards, the Fed will not be able to recover if there is another global financial crisis and the United State will just move from one paper currency to another. When this happens, Richards predicts that gold prices will skyrocket to prices levels as high as $5,000, $6,000 or even $7,000.

We’re Headed For A Crash, Keep Buying Gold Says Seer Gerald Celente - Yahoo Finance
Famous forecaster Gerald Celente, the world is in the midst of another depression and the US is heading for another crash. According to him, "society as we know it will break down." Celente advises investors to keep investing in gold and protect themselves.

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.14.11 -- Asset of month, year, decade -- Listen

Gold prices consolidated Wednesday on short-term profit taking amid market volatility. Gold last traded at $1,821 an ounce, silver at $40.65 an ounce.

Gold is all about confidence in money and money systems - Mineweb
The dollar is no longer being seen as the best store of value for individual's money. Now that money systems are starting to falter, many more investors are looking toward gold to protect their wealth.

Gold Best Investment Option Since 2008 Financial Crisis - Arirang
Since 2008, gold has been the best investment, having increased in value over 137% in the past three years. Research also showed that real estate was the worst investment, rising only 10% in the past 3 years.

Gold Looks Ready To Break Out - Seeking Alpha
From both a technical and fundamental perspective, gold looks like it is ready for another breakout. After the burst in prices in August, pullback was expected but now it is leveling out, showing that it is ready for another price breakout.

3 Reasons Smart People are Taking Gold Seriously - The Street
There are 3 main reasons why so many are still investing in gold and will continue to do so. 1) Central banks now buying, instead of selling their gold, 2) gold has more purchasing power than the dollar, and 3) gold starting to become apart of monetary policy.

New Featured video at
Central Banking: The God That Failed -FoxBiz

More: Swiss America Gold Market News

9.13.11 -- A Gold Standard To Bank On -- Listen

Gold prices rebounded over 1% Tuesday on bargain hunting and a weaker dollar amid market volatility. Gold last traded at $1,834 an ounce, silver at $41.13 an ounce.

coin US Debt and the Roadblocks to Renaissance -
Last week, President Obama announced a $447 billion jobs program. The Dow went down 300 points. Investors no longer believe that stimulus measures will produce the long-awaited recovery. Why? Because the Obama plan adds debt; the very thing the economy needs least of all. Instead of futzing around with a ‘jobs program,’ just cut taxes to 10%.

News Flash: CNBC reports "Obama's Stimulus Plan Will Cost $250,000 Per Job"

Gold Standard talk - economies do better with sound money - Porter Stansberry, The Gold Report Interview
TGR: So the people rather than the politicians will provide the political will needed to return to the gold standard?
PS: Absolutely. Politicians are never leaders in political thought. They follow the polls.
TGR: Then how do we get back on the gold standard?
PS: Sooner or later people will say, "Enough!" I can't tell you when that day will arrive, but I'd be surprised if the next Administration comes and goes without a return to gold. There's no doubt at all that if we had been on a gold standard we would have never seen a credit bubble the size of the one we have now.

Pan Asia Gold Exchange Opens Soon -
The Pan Asia Gold Exchange (PAGE), owned and operated by the Chinese Government, opens for business in the next few months and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2011. In short, there is a new gold trading market in the wings with the potential to change global supply and demand dynamics and how gold can be traded.

9.12.11 -- Shutting down the business of terrorism - Listen

Gold prices dipped 2% Monday on a firmer dollar and profit taking amid growing global market volatility. Gold last traded at $1,814 an ounce, silver at $40.29 an ounce.


On this 10th anniversary of 9.11.01 Swiss America saluted American heroes and victims by displaying a giant U.S. flag on the front of their corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona this week. In previous years they released an educational DVD and CD entitled "A Citizen's Guide To Counter-Terrorism" free to the public.

Investors empowered to shut down the business of terrorism - Archives
What better way to support the ongoing war on terror than by making sure none of your investment dollars are supporting terror-sponsoring countries or corporations?

At the forefront is the new "Terror-Free Index" introduced back in 2008 by FTSE, The Index Company and Conflict Securities Advisory Group; the preeminent research provider specializing in Terror-Free investment screening and certification services to empower investors by locating "Certified Terror-Free" mutual funds. Check it out CSAG's "Terror-Free Calculator"

9.9.11 -- THE INFLATION DECEPTION -- Book Reviews

Gold prices rallied into the close on Friday after Eurozone debt worries and a continuation of the stock market dropping. Gold last traded at $1,859 an ounce, silver at $41.62 an ounce.

The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us... And Seven Ways to Stop It!
"A masterpiece" ... "highly recommended" ... "short, easy, accurate"

Here are two book reviews posted at

"There's more to the world's economic problems than economics. 'The Inflation Deception' is a discussion of economics surrounding inflation, stating that the government and economy have become driven by inflation rather than being a byproduct of the times. Economics thinkers Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte argue that inflation is being used as a power grab and tool of control, and explain their beliefs, calling it an Inflatocracy. 'The Inflation Deception' presents many wise thoughts on this growing crisis, highly recommended."
-Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

"Here is a book everyone needs to read. You will find it short, easy to read, and accurate about what our government (and other world governments) are doing to our money and your ability to accrue wealth. No, it isn't technical so your eyes won't cross. But you do need to be able to pay attention and follow the story. It is an important one... what this book says about inflation, its sources, its history, and how governments use this toxic method of currency mismanagement is spot on. I hope you read it and share it with you friends, or buy them copies."
-Craig M. (Saline, MI)

Visit to see if you qualify for a FREE review copy of The Inflation Deception.

9.8.11 -- Fed Speaks: Stocks fall, Gold runs -- Listen

Gold prices shot up $50/oz. Thursday on safe haven buying, Fedspeak pushes stocks lower. Gold last traded at $1,869 an ounce, silver at $42.34 an ounce.

Bernanke brings out bears -Marketwatch
Fed chief Bernanke says inflation is on its way down Federal chairman opts not to detail "QE3" options and says 2011 inflation pickup is not "ingrained."

Looking Forward to Gold - NY Sun
President Obama will shortly be giving a speech on jobs. Sound money is the most important plank of a real jobs program. This has so far eluded the Obama administration, and the chorus grows for the kind of profound, era changing reform that is being called for by Mr. James Grant and and those who are prepared to move forward to a gold standard.

Newest Videos at
Watch the video of James Grant on CNBC discussing a return to The Gold Standard here. Watch Ronald Reagan and John Keynes speak out on The Gold Standard ... and Rick Santelli's last rant on CNBC here.

9.7.11 -- Smart money buying gold dips -- Listen

Gold prices dipped near $1,800 Wednesday on profit-taking then rebounded on bargain hunting amid rising volatility. Gold last traded at $1,816 an ounce, silver at $41.45 an ounce.

"A German court ruling that lets the country take part in European bailouts has lessened the need, and price, of gold temporarily. Experts say people will flock back to gold as a safe haven investment because debt problems have not been solved and growth remains slow," reports Kitco.

Gold's rally will continue - Market Watch
Gold has gone through volatile trading the past few weeks however, the "wall of worry" which may have fell when gold dropped, is still prevalent and it will continue to support gold to higher price levels.

Swiss franc peg could pave the way for $2,000 gold - Mineweb
The Swiss National Bank decided to peg its currency to the euro making it a less attractive save haven asset to many investors. This should be beneficial to gold because it will become a greater appeal as a safe haven investment

To long-term thinkers and investors lower gold prices mean yet another smart buying opportunity, according to a new Swiss America Special Report.

Read more at Gold Market News

9.6.11 -- Gold's longest rally in nearly a century -- Listen

Gold prices shot over $1,900 early Tuesday then eased back amid growing recession fears and market volatility. Gold last traded at $1,873 an ounce, silver at $41.96 an ounce.

Gold got an early boost on news of the Swiss National Bank pegging the Swiss Franc to the euro, which effectively removes one of gold's safe haven competitors.

"When you buy gold, it's an insurance against systematic failure and problems in the financial markets, according to investor Marc Faber. Gold’s rally above $1,900 an ounce shows no signs of a 'bubble' as central banks continue to boost money supply that has helped spur bullion to a record." (Read Gold Rush No Bubble)

"Gold is in the 11th year of a bull run, the longest rally since at least 1920 in London, as investors seek to diversify away from equities and some currencies."

The spoiled fruit of four decades of political and economic deception is being revealed to the world daily, according to a new White Paper, "Re-Making Money" by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte.

9.5.11 -- Labor Day 2011 Reflections -- Listen

Gold flexes muscle, but no bubble
Gold flexed its parabolic muscle in August -- rushing up $200/oz. Prices leaped from $1,600/oz. to nearly $1,900/oz., then gold dipped near $1,700/oz. days later, ending the month at $1,824/oz. - down just 4% from its peak.

Gartman Buys Gold - Barrons
Economist Dennis Gartman told clients this week that after selling much of his stake in the yellow metal in recent weeks, he dipped back into the market today. “Some shall scoff; so be it, but we'll do what we must, having survived the recent collapse intact,” he wrote. [Ed. Note: Just two weeks ago Gartman said "the gold bubble was bursting" on CNBC ... hmmm.... me thinks he, like most speculators and commentators, is double-minded.]

Why Gold Prices Went Parabolic in August
Behind the record number of golden headlines this month lies a very scary truth. Americans, along with citizens worldwide, have never been more uncertain about the future of our currency, or economy. A recent CNN poll found 87% have lost faith in government leaders, prompting them to withdraw about $2 trillion from the stock market last month.

Is Gold Still Fairly Priced?
According the Mises Institute's "True Money Supply", since 1971 (the year of the "Nixon shock"): According to the above chart, gold is just about on its long-term trend line.

Read more at Gold Market News

9.2.11 -- Gold rush to end all bull markets -- Listen

Gold prices leaped over $50/oz. on safe haven buying after zero job growth data in pre- Labor Day trading. Gold last traded at $1,883 an ounce, silver at $43.24 an ounce.

"Employment growth ground to a halt in August, as sagging consumer confidence discouraged already skittish U.S. businesses from hiring, keeping pressure on the Federal Reserve to provide more monetary stimulus to aid the struggling economy," according to Reuters.

Santelli's CNBC Rant on Govt. Money Printing
"The darn spectacle was getting up to these trillion dollars worth of debt and then thinking some action to try to address that is the spectacle is exactly half but backwards, just as if the government dumps a lot of money in the economy, they'll look like they're doing something," says CNBC's Rick Santelli.

Gold May Top $6000, Silver $600: Asset Manager
Gold prices may reach $6,200 per ounce in a bull run which will “end all major bull markets,” Urs Gmuer, asset manager at Dolefin, a Swiss investment advice firm, told CNBC.

“The ultimate currency, which has stood the test of time, which has no political support behind it, is gold. What the Swiss National Bank did two-and-a-half weeks ago, increasing the supply of the Swiss franc, means the safe currencies are all gone. That is why gold will have a revival,” he said.

Read more at Gold Market News

9.1.11 -- Gold celebrates pre-Labor Day rest -- Listen

Gold prices steadied on Thursday ahead of the Labor Day weekend, after rising 12% in August on safe haven buying. Gold last traded at $1,825 an ounce, silver at $41.50 an ounce.

Gold flexes muscle, but no bubble - Special Report
Gold flexed its parabolic muscle in August -- rushing up $200/oz. Prices leaped from $1,600/oz. to nearly $1,900/oz., then gold dipped near $1,700/oz. days later, ending the month at $1,824/oz. - down just 4% from its peak.

U.S. Elites Begin To Confront The Paper Dollar - Forbes
The New Yorker's August 29 Market Watch celebrated the 40th anniversary of the abandonment of gold and the experiment begun with the paper dollar standard. The tone? “Don't let the door hit you, Paper Dollar, Jr., on the way out.”

The "average life expectancy for a fiat currency is twenty-seven years; so, by that measure, the greenback has had a good run." Strong arguments have been propounded that joblessness is rooted in the unstable Nixon dollar. The best documented way of creating jobs is by restoring the dollar's convertibility into gold. (For more on the subject see our new White Paper "Re-Making Money"

Headlines of interest...

-Gartman Buys Gold - Barrons
Economist Dennis Gartman told clients today that after selling much of his stake in the yellow metal in recent weeks, he dipped back into the market today. “Some shall scoff; so be it, but we'll do what we must, having survived the recent collapse intact,” he wrote. [Ed. Note: Just two weeks ago Gartman said "the gold bubble was bursting" on CNBC ... hmmm.... me thinks he, like most speculators and commentators, is double-minded.]
-US Mint's American Eagle Gold Coin Sales Soar 74% In August - Dow Jones
-Gold: The only safe haven left - Commodity Online
-Why is Gold still a safe haven for investors? - China Business News
-Buy Gold Before Fed Announces Further Easing: Expert - CNBC
Read more at Gold Market News

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