Swiss America Senior Associates

Swiss America Senior Associates

Dean Heskin, CEO
Dean Heskin

Dean Heskin is CEO of Swiss America. Mr. Heskin came to the firm in 1991 from a background in equity related investments. His goal was and is to assist our clients in diversifying into tangible assets, a necessary element in each investor's portfolio. Over 20 years later, this need has become more globally evident as we see countries, as well as currencies, throughout the world faltering. Mr. Heskin's focus is to continue on the same course as his predecessor and current chairman of Swiss America, Craig R. Smith. To educate, inform and serve our clients with the same, simple message of diversification to bring better balance in their own personal financial future.

Earl Brown, Senior Numismatist
Earl Brown

"A conservative investment portfolio should always include a conservative investment. When that conservative investment has the opportunity to outperform more aggressive ventures, procrastination will cost you that much more. Numismatic coins are just rebounding from a full correction. Legislation and other economic factors, could propel a numismatic portfolio into your highest return potential. "

Pat Mershon, Marketing Consultant
Pat Mershon

"Gold, silver and platinum bullion are a good first step to collecting tangible assets -- a step that must be taken in today's volatile financial world. I am committed to keeping Swiss America abreast of the massive technological and economic changes we are headed for in the 21st Century."

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