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7-29-11 -- Gold sits high as U.S. debt sinks -- Listen

Gold prices shot up to fresh highs Friday as weak GDP data and debt fears hit stocks & buck. Gold last traded at $1,627 an ounce, silver climbed to $39.90 an ounce.

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7.28.11 -- Metals chill amid global debt sweat - Listen

Precious metal prices chilled on Thursday, profit taking offset safe haven buying as the world sweats out U.S. debt deadline. Gold last traded at $1,615 an ounce, silver at $39.67 an ounce.

THE MONEY PRINTING WILL CONTINUE - ShadowStats Editor John Williams advises legislators to stop fooling around with the country's credit rating. Regardless of the deal reached, he predicts that the Treasury and Fed will continue to print money to meet obligations and add liquidity to the economy.

'REAL' GOLD PRICE $595/OZ. ? - Using the government's official (and far-understated) Consumer Price Index CPI Index, $1600/oz. gold equates to $595/oz. gold price in 1980, after adjusting for inflation. That's a difference of $1,000/oz., illustrating that gold will NOT surpass a 'real' high until the price tops $2,400 an ounce.

Artificially low official government inflation data is a key political/economic tool used to fool the public into accepting the new "Inflatocracy", which is detailed in the new book, The Inflation Deception: Six Ways Government Tricks Us...And Seven Ways to Stop It!, by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte.

"How many Americans would buy gold this very moment if they knew the 'REAL price' was just $595 to $682 an ounce?" asks Mr. Smith.

7.27.11 -- Upgrade to gold before U.S. debt downgrade -- Listen

Precious metal prices climbed to fresh historic highs Wednesday on safe haven buying then dipped on profit taking. Gold last traded at $1,614 an ounce, silver at $40.24 an ounce.

DOW PLUNGES NEARLY 200 POINTS - With the deadline for raising the borrowing limit less than a week away, investors are becoming more fearful.

"KISS U.S.'S RATING GOODBYE" says Marketwatch. Without a huge turnaround in Washington’s broken political culture, this Congress and president, says Howard Gold, won't enact the dramatic changes S&P demands of the elite club of AAA-rated sovereigns.

GOLD BREACHES $1625, US RATINGS DOWNGRADE NOW "ALMOST CERTAIN" - Mineweb - Gold prices hit a new intraday record high in U.S. dollars of $1625 an ounce in Wednesday's Asian trade. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has meantime introduced a 0.5% 'haircut' on US Treasury bills used as collateral. T-bills were previously considered risk-free.

'REAL GOLD PRICE' CROSSES $600/OZ. TODAY!- Do the math! -- $1625/oz. gold today equates to $605/oz. gold back in 1980, and that's using the government's far-understated CPI index. The difference between the nominal and real price of gold is $1,020/oz. This price difference is prima fascia evidence against a deceptive, now-crumbling "Inflatocracy", which is detailed in The Inflation Deception, the new economic mystery-thriller by Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte explaining how inflation is used by government to trick the public and seven concrete steps we can take to stop it now.

7.26.11 -- Metals shine as dollar slides -- Listen

Precious metal prices rose to fresh historic highs Tuesday amid U.S. debt deadline and credit downgrade fears. Gold last traded at $1,617 an ounce, silver at $40.77 an ounce

GREENBACK HITS ALL-TIME LOW AGAINST SWISS FRANC - MW - The dollar fell against a wide range of currencies Tuesday, touching a record low against the Swiss franc and approaching a recent low versus the Japanese yen. The selling came after back-to-back speeches late Monday by President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner revealed no progress toward a deal crucial to raising the U.S. debt ceiling and preventing a default.

WHITE HOUSE WARNS: DEBT DEAL OR DEPRESSION - CBS - WH Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told CBS News: "We are seven days away from an unprecedented financial event in this country's history. One that could potentially put us towards a depression because the House Republicans, led by Speaker Boehner, are unwilling to compromise one inch."

The blame-game continues, which is another reason you need to own GOLD, the ultimate shield from political fallout, out-of-control debt, a crashing dollar, and soon, exploding inflation.

7.25.11 -- Gold's "Real Price" $682/oz. reports NYT -- Listen

Precious metal prices jumped up about 1% Monday on safe haven buying amid U.S. debt deadline fears. Gold last traded at $1,614 an ounce, silver rose to $40.35 an ounce

IN A GOLD LOVEFEST, SHADES OF 1980 - NY TIMES - The New York Times today quoted economist Edward Yardeni saying, "The price of gold is up at a record high in all the major currencies, suggesting that out-of-control governments are a worldwide plague. In real terms, using the CPI as the price deflator, the price of gold rose to $682, below the record high of $865 during January 1980."

As Mr. Yardeni's "Nominal vs. Real Gold Price" chart shows, $1,600 gold reflects a $900 example of The Inflation Deception. "How many Americans would buy gold right now if they knew the 'real price' was $682 an ounce?" asks Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith. More...

HOW THE DOLLAR COULD RISE IF NO DEBT DEAL - MarketWatch - It's certainly counterintuitive, but the U.S. dollar could actually appreciate if the U.S. government doesn't raise the debt ceiling by the Aug. 2 deadline, some strategists say. That's not because of optimism or complacency but because of how traders are positioned.


7.22.11 -- Why $1,600 gold is still cheap -- Listen

Precious metal prices rebounded near historic highs Friday on bargain hunting. Gold last traded at $1,601 an ounce, silver rose to $40.07 an ounce.

This chart which compares gold prices with the U.S. national debt between 1940 and 2011 illustrates that as the U.S. debt has gone parabolic over the last decade gold prices have followed.

"Ironically, it is profligate government spending which virtually guarantees gold will rise another $1,000 an ounce over the next decade," says Mr. Smith. "Just do the math!"

"We are NOT in a gold price bubble today," says Smith.

For gold 'bubble' talk to be valid, prices would need to rise twenty-fold from the 1999 level ($300/oz.) to over $6,000 an ounce!

Today gold prices are an accurate barometer of unsustainable spending and the debt now undermining the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency and as a reliable store of value.

Now is the time to own gold as "wealth insurance" against a potential U.S. debt default which would cause a dollar crash and explosive inflation! This vital information from Swiss America will help you "learn before you earn".

Discover 5 REASONS WHY $1,600/oz. GOLD IS A BETTER VALUE THAN $800/oz before prices escalate further.

7.21.11 -- Greek default cheered, U.S. default feared -- Listen

Precious metal prices eased back from historic highs Thursday on profit taking. Gold last traded at $1,589 an ounce, silver slipped to $39.33 an ounce.

EURO ZONE REACHES DEAL ON GREEK DEBT - WSJ - The euro zone's leaders agreed to more than 100 billion euros in new financing for Greece, accepting a plan that would trigger the first debt default by a nation using the common currency.

FED PLANNING FOR POTENTIAL DEFAULT - Bloomberg - The Federal Reserve is actively preparing for the possibility that the U.S. could default as a deadline for raising the government's $14.3 trillion borrowing limit looms, a top Fed policymaker told Reuters on Wednesday. "We are in contingency planning mode," said Charles Plosser, president of the Philadelphia Fed.

THE INFLATION DECEPTION - Mr. Smith and co-author Lowell Ponte explore several variations on how to go about returning to a gold standard, as a nation and as individual citizens, before the new "Inflatocracy", led by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Obama Administration, crash the dollar and further exacerbate today's "debt threat."

DEBT: "Why we should not go any higher!" -Voice of Russia - "The debt limit began in 1917, so that the Treasury could independently issue debt. So, what we have right now is that the debt is traveling at such a velocity that it threatens to crush the entire economy, unless somebody draws a line in the sand and says we aren’t going to go any higher," I said to Voice of Russia radio show last week.

7.20.11 -- Gold vs. The U.S. National Debt -- Listen

Precious metal prices rebounded near historic nominal highs Wednesday on continued safe haven buying. Gold last traded at $1,601 an ounce, silver rose to $40.11 an ounce.

PRINTING MONEY IS EUROPE’S WAY OUT - Marketwatch.com - One thing that can’t be underestimated is the political will of Europe’s leaders to keep the euro alive, which is why Europe will likely turn to massive printing of money, writes Matthew Lynn.

JOKE IS ON CHINA AS U.S.’S AAA BECOMES LAUGHABLE: WILLIAM PESEK - Bloomberg - Suddenly that $3 trillion of currency reserves looks like a bad idea. Make that very bad for China, as investors display an obvious preference for yen over dollars. That the IOUs of a debt-ridden, aging, politically adrift nation smarting from a huge earthquake and nuclear crisis seem safer than U.S. Treasuries says it all.

21ST CENTURY GOLD RUSH IS NO BUBBLE! - "Ironically, it is profligate government spending which virtually guarantees gold will rise another $1,000 an ounce over the next decade," says Mr. Smith. "Just do the math!" Smith believes gold is currently priced fairly in comparison to our national debt levels, with a slight added risk premium. (See Chart

7.19.11 -- GOLD RUSH IS NO BUBBLE! -- Listen

Precious metal prices dipped below historic nominal highs Tuesday on profit taking. Gold last traded at $1,588 an ounce, silver fell to $39.23 an ounce.

JIM ROGERS: FED WILL LAUNCH QE3 BY Q3 - FT - International investor Jim Rogers expects a third round of quantitative easing by the third quarter of this year. The head of Rogers Holdings expects this will happen "in the fall or early next year,” Rogers told CNBC, as FT Adviser reported.

THE DOLLAR, GOLD AND THE QUALITY OF MONEY - FORBES - The question: “Is gold money?” terrifies central bankers because it highlights their inability to provide a currency that is better than gold. In 1971 a dollar was worth 1/35th of an ounce of gold. Today, it is worth a teeny tiny 1/1600th of an ounce of gold.

21ST CENTURY GOLD RUSH IS NO BUBBLE! - Gold is being called a "bubble", "non-money," while stocks and bonds are touted by financial networks and even our Fed Chairman Bernanke as "safe havens".

"Nothing could be further from the truth! Paper currencies are in an accelerating race to the bottom as nations push their debt limits to astronomical highs," say Craig Smith and Lowell Ponte, authors of THE INFLATION DECEPTION.

"Ironically, it is profligate government spending which virtually guarantees gold will rise another $1,000 an ounce over the next decade," says Mr. Smith. "Just do the math!"

7.18.11 -- Gold shines light on Inflation deception -- Listen

Precious metal prices soared to new heights Monday on safe haven buying amid growing debt threats. Gold last traded at $1,604 an ounce, silver rose to $40.50 an ounce.

OBAMA OFFICIALLY THREATENS TO VETO 'CUT, CAP AND BALANCE' -- The measure would cut spending in fiscal 2012 by $111 billion, cap future spending at 19.9 percent of gross domestic product and allow for the debt ceiling to be increased if a balanced-budget amendment is approved by Congress and sent to the states.

FIAT MONEY-PROOF: GOLD SHINES LIGHT ON INFLATION DECEPTION -- "On July 18 gold crossed the two-thirds mark toward reaching a new, true inflation-adjusted high of $2,400 an ounce," says author and executive Craig R. Smith.

"Gold, priced in declining paper currencies, is telling the truth about the geopolitical economic realities the world faces and the miserable condition of both Europe's and America's fiscal houses."

Gold prices are an accurate barometer of unsustainable spending and debt now undermining the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency and as a reliable store of value. Gold prices at $1,600 an ounce must rise another $1,000 an ounce (a 65% increase) just to keep pace with the minimum debt increases over the next decade. MORE...

7.15.11 -- Metals shine amid looming debt-line -- Listen

Precious metal prices continued climbing to fresh nominal highs Friday on safe haven buying and debt threats. Gold last traded at $1,594 an ounce, silver rose to $39.23 an ounce. Gold prices gained 3% this week, silver up over 6%!

America Must Embrace Austerity - Mort Zuckerman - Brookings Institution senior fellow Mort Zuckerman says the U.S. must embrace austerity. "A new era of American austerity is the only way to put things right," Zuckerman writes in the Financial Times. "Who could dispute, when our government must borrow $4.5 billion a day just to keep going, that our national debt is now an existential threat? No wonder this is being called the most predictable crisis in U.S. history."

Voice of Russia: Lower U.S. debt ceiling! - Early this morning your editor was a guest on the "Voice of Russia" an international news radio program which began in 1929 as "Radio Moscow" discussing the great debt ceiling debate and if Washington is playing Russian roulette with the debt. My best advice to the audience was rather than debating and compromising on proposals to raise the debt limit, we need to turn the tables and discuss how to lower the debt limit. I applauded the Russian President Medvedev for his efforts to cut government spending by 20% to help curb 6-8% inflation rate in Russia.

Returning To a Gold Monetary Standard? - Today Mr. Evans-Pritchard astutely announced in The London Telegraph "Return of the Gold Standard as world order unravels". "As the twin pillars of international monetary system threaten to come tumbling down in unison, gold has reclaimed its ancient status as the anchor of stability."

In "The Inflation Deception" Mr. Smith and co-author Lowell Ponte explore several variations on how to go about returning to a gold standard -- as a nation and as individual citizens -- before the new "Inflatocracy", led by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the Obama Administration crash the dollar and further exacerbate today's "debt threat." MORE...

Consumer confidence skids 10% - The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey had consumer sentiment unraveling last month to its lowest reading since March 2009. The preliminary reading had the index falling to 63.8 from 71.5 the prior month.

7.14.11-- Emperors Obama and Bernanke Have No Clothes -- Listen

Precious metal prices moved higher again Thursday on safe haven buying amid growing debt threats. Gold last traded at $1,587 an ounce, silver rose to $38.33 an ounce.

Ben Bernanke resorts to stick instead of carrot - Today he pulled the plug on Wall St.'s rally, saying the central bank was not ready to take immediate action to further bolster the economy. Wednesday Bernanke warned that not increasing the nation's debt ceiling and allowing the nation default on its debt would send "shock waves through the entire financial system."

'Enough is enough,' Obama says, calling for deal - President Barack Obama and congressional leaders are entering a perilous debt-limit endgame. The president is demanding that budget negotiators find common ground by week's end even as the Senate's top Republican gained followers for his own last-ditch scheme to avoid a government default.

U.S. on notice by credit agencies - Moody's Investors Service said it will review the government's credit rating, noting the rising risk that the government will default on its debt. If Moody's were to lower the ratings, the consequences would ripple through the economy, pushing up rates for mortgages, car loans and other debts.

7.13.11 -- Fed's QE3 to Boost Gold & Inflation

Gold prices surged to fresh nominal highs near $1,585/oz. Wednesday on safe haven buying after QE3 Fedspeak. Gold last traded at $1,583 an ounce, silver rose to $38.23 an ounce.

News Flash! U.S. Debt Downgrade Review
The U.S. had its AAA bond rating placed on review for possible downgrade by Moody’s Investors Service, which cited the "rising possibility" that the debt limit won’t be raised on a timely basis.

Fed Signals QE3 to Boost Stocks, Gold & Inflation -Authors
"Apparently the bar has just gotten lower for Ben Bernanke," reports CNBC. The central bank chairman stunned financial markets Wednesday when he told Congress that the next round of stimulus is closer than it may appear.

"QE3 is seriously being considered and perhaps has already started," says Craig R. Smith, author and Chairman of Swiss America.

"Wall Street is dancing in the streets as QE2 has boosted equity prices so far in 2011," says Mr. Smith. The unspoken 'third mandate' of today's Fed is to 'levitate' the stock market."

Congressman Ron Paul asked Mr. Bernanke if he thought gold was money. Mr. Bernanke hesitated, then flatly said "No", nor does he think that Treasuries are money. (Watch Paul vs. Bernanke)

"But if gold is not money, what is money? Paper? Debt?" asks Mr. Smith. "Without a universal standard for a money system, how in the world do we establish value of anything?" asks Smith.

7.12.11 -- Metals climb on debt threats -- Listen

Gold prices jumped to a 10-week high near $1,570/oz. Tuesday on safe haven buying amid stock and dollar weakness. Gold last traded at $1,568 an ounce, silver rose to $36.19 an ounce.

The Obama administration and many economists have warned of economic catastrophe if the United States does not raise the amount it is legally allowed to borrow by August 2. "I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. This is not just a matter of Social Security checks. These are veterans checks, these are folks on disability and their checks. There are about 70 million checks that go out," said the President.

“Let's remember that President Obama has already been picking the pockets of these same seniors by using financial gimmickry to deny them Cost-Of-Living Adjustments to their Social Security checks in 2010 and 2011, and he has said he plans other things to prevent Social Security increases for most recipients in 2012,” says Lowell Ponte, co-author of "The Inflation Deception."

“This leaves seniors ravaged by the very inflation Mr. Obama's failed stimulus policies are causing.”

“Why is President Obama practicing this kind of elder abuse against seniors who depend on Social Security to make ends meet? Didn't Mr. Obama do enough damage by looting half a Trillion Dollars from Medicare – guaranteeing that those on Medicare will receive less medical care – so he could fund Obamacare instead?

Learn more at swissamerica.com and inflationdeception.com - "Why buy metals in July?" Call 800-289-2646.

7.11.11 -- Living on borrowed time and stolen money -- Listen

Gold prices topped $1,550/oz. Monday on safe haven buying amid stock weakness and dollar strength. Gold last traded at $1,552 an ounce, silver rose to $35.79 an ounce.

In the news...
-Aug. 2 budget deadline will be missed -Minyanville
-Global stocks slide on debt worries -AP
-New Fears on Italy Jolt Europe - Reuters
-Whatever Happens, Commodities Win: Jim Rogers - CNBC
-Euro-priced gold extends record high as single currency slides - Reuters

"High, or even hyper, inflation is rapidly approaching," says Craig R. Smith from his Introduction to The Inflation Deception

After 30 years of helping people hedge against financial risk, I can feel the tremors of this oncoming economic tidal wave rumbling beneath my feet. It is far bigger than I have ever felt.

The coming devastation will put America's economy underwater and destroy the U.S. Dollar as we have known it, as the world's Reserve Currency."

Visit inflationdeception.com to discover how the “INFLATOCRACY” is living on borrowed time... and on stolen money!

7.8.11 -- BEST MONTH TO BUY METALS? JULY! -- Listen

seasonal Precious metal prices lurched higher Friday on safe haven buying as weak U.S. jobless data surprised investors. Gold last traded at $1,544 an ounce up 3% for the week, silver climbed to $36.71 an ounce gaining 7% on the week.

Craig R Smith on Your World with Neil Cavuto (Guest Host: Chris Cotter) discussing the debt ceiling debate and how it will affect job creation. The only guarantee we are getting from Obama and Pelosi is that they will borrow more from our future, waste more on failed programs and continue to punish private businesses. Watch it

The summer months of June and July often offer seasonal weakness for precious metals, making it a great time to buy on the seasonal dip. For example gold rose 22% from July 2010 to December 2010. This trend was also seen in 2009. As the excellent Erste Group chart shows, the strongest months for gold are September, November, December, January and August.

7.7.11 -- Gold & silver protect American Exceptionalism -- Listen

Precious metal prices ended higher Thursday on bargain hunting and safe haven buying. Gold last traded at $1,531 an ounce, silver rose to $36.41 an ounce.

Scientists have found it in an unusual variant in the DNA of a disproportionate share of Americans. This self-selected “pioneering” and “entrepreneurial” DNA has helped make America “exceptional” in the world in both freedom and prosperity, according to The Inflation Deception, a new book by businessman Craig R. Smith and futurist Lowell Ponte.

As America has become an Inflatocracy, with no more frontiers and ever-more-restricted opportunities like the European states most of our ancestors fled to escape, write Smith and Ponte, Americans who still carry their pioneer forefathers' entrepreneurial DNA are suffering elevated rates of stress, frustration, illnesses, suicides and below-replacement fertility.

7.6.11 -- World's safest haven from next crisis -- Listen

Precious metal prices rose to two-week highs Wednesday on safe haven buying despite a firmer dollar. Gold last traded at $1,529 an ounce, silver at $35.90 an ounce.

The next, worse financial crisis - MarketWatch.com
BOSTON (MarketWatch) - The last financial crisis isn't over, but we might as well start getting ready for the next one. Sorry to be gloomy, but there it is. Why? Here are 10 reasons.

1. We are learning the wrong lessons from the last one.
2. No one has been punished.
3. The incentives remain crooked.
4. The referees are corrupt.
5. Stocks are skyrocketing again.
6. The derivatives time bomb is bigger than ever - and ticking away.
7. The ancient regime is in the saddle.
8. Ben Bernanke doesn't understand his job.
9. We are levering up like crazy.
10. The real economy remains in the tank.

You know what George Santayana said about people who forget the past. But we're even dumber than that. We are doomed to repeat the past not because we have forgotten it but because we never learned the lessons to begin with.

7.5.11 -- Founders vision vs. the "Inflatocracy" -- Listen

Gold prices rebounded above $1,500/oz. Tuesday on bargain hunting despite a firmer dollar. Gold last traded at $1,516 an ounce. Silver shot up 4% to $35.52 an ounce.

On July 4, 1776 America's Founders established this nation as uniquely favoring small government, low taxes, sound money, frugality, thrift and individual responsibility.

34% of our Founder's quotes were taken directly from Scripture - including those inscribed on our currency.

The "Inflatocracy" is very different. It uses inflation as a secret form of taxation to fund a huge and ever-expanding government.

The Inflatocracy uses inflation to redistribute wealth from those who work hard and save to others who spend beyond their productivity and serve the collectivist government.

In THE INFLATION DECEPTION, monetary expert Craig R. Smith and his co-author former think tank futurist Lowell Ponte expose the long-unseen powerful forces behind the current economic crisis.

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