October Market News Archives

Admit economic ignorance - Reuters--10.31.12

Election Could Change U.S. Economy Forever, Say Experts - Yahoo! News--10.31.12

Ben Bernanke: Currency Manipulator - The Gold Standard Now--10.30.12

Unsaving the U.S. economy - Reuters--10.30.12

Comedian ‘Redistributes’ Children’s Candy in Hilarious ‘Obama-Style’ Halloween Prank - The Blaze--10.30.12

U.S. Congress may face another debt-limit showdown in 2013 - Reuters--10.28.12

Actions That Debase The US Dollar And The Euro Means The Gold Price Will Continue To Rise - ETF Daily News--10.23.12

Pinched savers seen as part of slow recovery puzzle - Reuters--10.25.12

The U.S. Economy's Personality Disorder - BusinessWeek--10.24.12

Monetary Cliff? - GoldSeek--10.24.12

It Doesn't Matter - 24h Gold--10.20.12

Romney won the presidential debate by looking presidential. Obama had a painful case of Biden's smile - The Telegraph--10.23.12

Fed considers upping QE3 size and language - Market Watch--10.22.12

Memo to Central Banks: You?re debasing more than our currency - Real Clear Markets --10.2.12

IMF's epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers - The Telegraph--10.21.12

With His Welfare Explosion, Is Obama Buying the Election? - Real Clear Markets--10.20.12

Officials: Obama ready to veto a bill blocking ‘fiscal cliff’ without tax hike for rich - Washington Post--10.17.12

The other unemployment rate - CNN Money--10.18.12

Former Comptroller Walker: It’s a ‘Fiscal Abyss,’ Not Fiscal Cliff - Money News--10.16.12

Memo to Mitt: Take Ben Bernanke's Resignation On Day One - Forbes--10.15.12

Panetta Warns of Dire Threat of Cyberattack on U.S. - CNBC--10.12.12

Another stock crash like 1987’s is inevitable - Market Watch--10.17.12

Currency Wars: U.S. Attack - Seeking Alpha--10.17.12

Michael Savage Moves To Cumulus Media Networks - All Access

Germany shocks EU with fiscal overlord demand- The Telegraph--10.16.12

Fiscal Cliff is Coming... - Bullions Vault--10.16.12

Social Security Benefits to Rise a Meager 1.7% in 2013 - CNBC--10.16.12

Romney’s Next Question - NY Sun--10.14.12

Bernanke defends QE from international criticism - Market Watch--10.14.12

Fed chief rounds on stimulus critics - Financial Times--10.14.12

Biden Interruptions Marred VP Debate - Newsmax--10.12.12

Rich, worried and buying ad time - CNN--10.10.12

Jobless Claims Slide, Import Prices Rise, Trade Gap Up - CNBC--10.11.12

What CEOs know that you don't - MSN Money--10.10.12

Beyond the Fiscal Cliff: the Dollar At Risk? - Merk Funds--10.10.12

The Magnitude of the Mess We're In - Wall Street Journal--9.16.12

>Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report - Wall Street Journal--10.10.12

Wealth Gap Between Congress and Average Americans Widens- Yahoo! Finance--10.8.12

The dollar’s days as reserve currency are numbered - Financial Times--10.8.12

Is Legal Tender Next? - NY Sun--10.8.12

Movie Review: Why Atlas Shrugged, Part II Is a Must See Film - Forbes--10.7.12

‘Worst US Quarterly Earnings Since 2009’ - CNBC--10.7.12

Jobs Growth Rises 114,000 as Rate Slides to 7.8 Percent - CNBC--10.5.12

Central Banks Gone Wild: Money Is Now a Total Fiction - Real Clear Markets--10.5.12

Jobs Report Met with Skepticism - Weekly Standard--10.5.12

Warnings That A Massive Stock Market Crash Is Imminent - The Economic Collapse--10.3.12

The Fed Plays All Its Cards - Gold IRAs--10.2.12

President Obama, Mitt Romney ready to duel in Denver - Denver Post--10.3.12

It's October: Is the stock market crash-proof? - USA Today--10.2.12

Digital currency: Brave new world or criminal haven? - BBC News--10.2.12

Easy Money is Punishing the Middle Class - The Gold Standard Now--9.27.12

The greatest political showdown on earth - The Independent--10.2.12

US Is Debt Addict on 'Budgetary Crystal Meth': Gross - CNBC--10.2.12

Wary Americans saving more, even as government encourages risk - Washington Post--10.1.12

Bernanke Warns His Creator - NY Sun--10.1.12

Fed to Ease Until Jobless Rate Falls Below 7%: Evans - CNBC--10.1.12

America could be ‘taken over,’ warns Ross Perot - Yahoo! News--10.1.12

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