Swiss America Inspires America To Rediscover Gold
New Web site offers daily gold reports, new features and special offers on Silver Anniversary

PHOENIX, AZ (IFN Jan. 19, 2007) -- United States gold and silver investment firm, Swiss America, announced the launch of its newly expanded Web site to help celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary of inspiring Americans to rediscover gold.

Gold coins represent timeless value in a changing world, but to prosper in today's marketplace requires some learning before earning, thus Swiss America offers plenty of free educational resources at

The new free public features include; a daily live gold market report, daily "Golden Minute" audio podcasts, live commodity and equity charts, streamlined navigation to thousands of gold-related financial news stories and access to Swiss America’s vast multi-media archives. free “members only” features include all of the above plus; expert market reports, automated portfolio suggestions, real time portfolio and trade tracking, personalized portfolio reviews and detailed trade histories.

According to Swiss America CEO, Craig R. Smith, "Our mission over the years has been rather simple; to inspire Americans to rediscover the wisdom of owning gold. The obstacles have been great. As recently as 1999, misinformed voices in the media declared gold was dead."

"Yet since the new millennium began, no other asset has served as a better portfolio cornerstone than gold. Having more than doubled in price, gold has outperformed almost every other asset class so far in the 21st century - and the most exciting 'public era' of the gold rush is still yet to begin!"

"As this gold bull bucks up and down it seeks to shake off uncommitted, short-term investors and speculators, offering long-term investors yet another opportunity to buy the dips in this ongoing secular bull market which may last another decade," says Mr. Smith.

To help Americans get up to speed quickly on the 21st century gold rush, Swiss America is offering a free book, CD and magazine, a $30 value. Included: 25th Anniversary Issue of “Real Money Perspectives” entitled “THE FUTURE OF GOLD”, a companion audio CD and Mr. Smith’s highly acclaimed book, "Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century”. Simply call 800-289-2646 or register online HERE.

Visit often for both the information and inspiration to take tangible steps toward a golden retirement, with gold!

For media interviews with Mr. Smith, contact Holly Smith at (800) 950-2428 or email at

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