SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Jan. 10, 2001 (Businesswire) Swiss America Trading Corporation today announced the sale of a 1907 Ultra-High Relief $20 Saint Gaudens gold piece to a private collector for an undisclosed price. The last reported sale of an Ultra-High Relief $20 Saint Gaudens was at public auction in June of 1999 for a whooping $1,210,000.00.

Considered the most beautiful coin ever minted, this remarkable specimen is graded "Proof-68" by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Less than two dozen Ultra-High Relief $20 St. Gaudens were ever minted, with only 15 in existence today - five of which are permanently placed in museums such as the Smithsonian.

The Ultra-High Relief $20 coin, designed by of Augustus St. Gauden, was commissioned by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1905 to improve our "atrociously hideous" coinage by trying to restore it to the beauty and dignity of ancient Greek coins. Today St. Gauden is still considered one of the foremost American sculptors of the 20th century.

In February and March 1907, some 24 proof specimens were made of this incredible design, each nearly double the thickness (at the edge) of the regular double eagle. Each coin required nine impressions at 172 tons apiece in a hydraulic press. Walter Breen's Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins states, "Only these specimens faithfully represent St. Gauden's conception, cherished as the stunning climax of American coin design."

According to Swiss America CEO, Craig R, Smith, "The sale of this historic U.S rarity underlines the growing market for high quality U.S rare coins. The "Saint" has become an American icon, evidenced by the fact that the U.S. mint decided to copy the design for their "American Eagle" gold bullion coin series in 1986. Although only one investor can own this unique property, there are similar opportunities throughout the rare coin market today for both collectors and investors seeking financial protection and profit potential."

For more information about this rarity, or to discuss the emerging U.S rare coin market contact Swiss America at 1-800-289-2646 or online at

Coin Dealer Newsletter covers the sale

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